This new addition to the coffee frenzy in Malacca is another fantastic place to chill and hang out either with some friends or even to have that quiet reading time. Serene and soothing with calming pendant bulbs and rays of lights from the large window panel next to a quiet and clean back lane of this UNESCO heritage city, this cafe has the ability to temporary freeze time the moment you enter.


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This place is also hugely driven by their own people with all cakes baked in house within the café, over the coffee bar. And serving freshly baked macaroons, one would drowse at the aroma wafting through the air and at the same time filled with the infusing fragrant of coffee beans. Serving their house blend with espresso machine, Backlane Coffee House has all the range of caffeinated beverage but if coffee is not your thing, varieties of tea are available as well.


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Backlane Coffee @ Jonker Street (review at


Most of the time, people look pass the delicate moments that gives our day the unique moments. Sitting by the window and spending that quiet afternoon is the fantastic way recollect thoughts and ideas. The eating experience is offset by the vintage decor and clever design and art elements of coffee and books scattered around the space.


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Picollo Latte (RM 8.50) was rather reasonable with the lovely free pour art; one of the few pretty ones in Malacca. House blends are the only thing available despite the recent increase in demand for single origins in the coffee scene.


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That other cute gimmick for youngsters is their reverse latte, the Mr Owl Iced Latte (RM 12). Serving beautifully with those cute little coffee cubes in shape of owl, it is a whole lot of fun watching the owl slowly melting out of shape (gasp! Am I vicious?)


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Brutal or not, they melt into nice cup of latte.


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Macaroons are fabulous, and not to mention one of the best I’ve ever tasted. This humble cookie, has turned into a versatile flavored treat since decades ago and with a thin, light crust briefly giving way to that moist meringue following by a center of silky smooth filling, they have the winning macaroons here. Signature chocolate Macaroon (RM 4.50) was aromatic and unrelenting with rich chocolate while the Earl Grey Macaroon (RM 4.50) to appeal to those favourable with light fragrant and mild sweetness.


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This café is like a deliriously fantastic little hidden gem, with the entrance tucked way inside a souvenir shop that’ll mesmerize everyone who walks in. Surely to be a magnet for crowds, this beautiful place is flooding the social media feeds in no time. Approaching dusk, watch the day light dimmed out and the indoor bulbs and lights comes alive to instantly settle a different atmosphere.


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If locating them is a challenge, look for that infamous stage at the Jonker Street and the Kwong Woh Tong outlet. As we all know, weekends are horrible for parking at the Jonker Street but weekdays are usually breezy so that should be the perfect time to visit this place.


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Backlane Coffee is located at :
129 Jalan Hang Jebat,
75200 Melaka
Business Hours: Sunday – Thursday: 10am – 6pm
Friday – Saturday : 11am – 11pm
Tel: 062820542, 01133317316 (Danny)
GPS: 2.195158,102.24819


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  1. A Not So Secret Admirer

    Mr. Owl Iced Latte – don’t think it does anything to the taste. Just a marketing scheme to get people interested. And Macarons are usually of not my interest due to it’s intense sweetness it possesses.
    Fun fact:
    Although a lot of people like to call Macaron as Macaroon (which won’t make them wrong. Power of the more popular term), there’s actually a similar French confection called Macaroon which ain’t this.

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