The next prominent location for lifestyle, work, leisure and most importantly dinning, is the integrated commercial development of a unique world strategically located at the Damansara, Petaling Jaya – the Empire City. Introducing this fashionable convenient hub for both business and leisure, Empire City remarkably hosts the Party of the Century to unveil its unique attractions including the world’s first multi-projection theater. As well as an Olympic-size skating rink, with an extravagant showcase of leisure and entertainment amenities. This vibrant development comprising retail, office, SOHO, apartment and hotel is designed as such to deliver the lifestyle of the next epoch is sized at over 20 acre of leasehold land and is absolutely the next hype for those chasing indulgence in life.



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Already an eminent spot among many foodies, the Empire Damansara is already occupied with a heft of fancy eateries and cafes. Look out for future reviews from this site and expect a whole lot of scrumptious selections within this township. Almost like a whole new dimension of luxury where many seek to balance conventional and unconventional lifestyle.


1. empire party


Throwing an exclusive 1920s themed event at the Empire City itself, the developer- Mammoth Empire Holding Group of Companies aims to bring the past into contemporary just like the architecture of old to infuse into modern to create the unique world within this self contained city in Damansara. For one night, this city travels back to the 20s with gorgeous looking guests and VIPs walking the red carpet alongside amazing performers and artists to relive the golden era of glam and posh.


2. party of the century

Photo: Juin Wai

3. party of century

Photo: Juin Wai

5. empire party of century

Photo: Juin Wai


Launching the grand opening with a lineup of local and international artists at a party themed The Glamorous 1920’s, this party of the century which have been hyped up and much talked about on all social media platforms pronounced their occurrence on the 23 Jan 2015. List of artists including the renowned Paris Hilton, Korean boy band 2AM, Mark Vincent, Taboo as performers while VIP guests like TVB artists Him Law and Sharon Chan brings more spotlights to the party.


6. paris hilton @ party of century

Photo: Juin Wai

6. party of century paris hilton

Photo: Juin Wai

7. party of th century 2AM

Photo: Juin Wai

8. party of the century -taboo


Guests also sailed the rhythmic ride with Hands Percussion and beheld with impressive performance by Caitlin De Ville as she performs in the air with aerial dancers.


9 party of the century

Photo:Juin Wai

Photo: Juin Wai


The party was a huge success and would continue to be the most talked about party yet most importantly, the much anticipated line up at the Empire City will be expectantly being watched out for. of the century

Photo:Juin Wai


Some more highlights of the night and girls will be girls, dressing up cannot be more fun when it comes with a theme. Here is to the glamorous 1920’s. Follow my Facebook Page for complete photo album of the night.




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