Longkang cockles, cockles at the back alley, bunga raya cockles, bunga raya si ham, Melaka longkang siham, Bunga Raya kerang rebus, longkang lala, Tong Bee’s stall and many other names; all referring to the same dodgy stall operating at the back alley along the Jalan Bunga Raya Melaka.


1.Mlk lala (28)


Notoriously renowned with their gloom and shabby surrounding, with tiny stools made of wood placed at a back lane adjacent to the drainage. Anyone with sensitive tummy should lay off to be safe, but it’s what’s brings this part of the street alive once it gets dark. The eating experience is what’s on the spotlight instead of what’s on the menu.


2.Mlk lala (4)
3.Mlk lala
4.Mlk lala (27)


Diners don’t get too much choices, only shell creatures to start off but has later expanded
to some vegetable, rojak and tauhu bakar. Shell creatures were simply boiled to cook where else most flavours rely heftily on their dipping sauces. Sweet sauce with chili to match accordingly to your liking and each item served with either skewer stick or tiny fork.


5.siham bunga raya
6.Mlk lala (19)
7.Mlk lala (15)
8.Mlk lala (17)
9.Mlk lala (9)
10.Mlk lala (24)


While the food is nothing quite to be shout out loud and about, it was the ambiance and the late operating hours that is keeping this business and this back alley hype and alive with locals and tourists every night.


11.Mlk lala (2)
12.Mlk lala (6)


Locals always know where to hunt for food and this is the right place to fix that si ham craves at night. Tourists simply need to experience that local flavour when travelling to this friendly little heritage town.


13.Mlk lala (8)


Tong Bee Stall is located at :
Jalan Bunga Raya, 75100 Melaka
Phone:016-645 8108, 012-6011621
GPS: 2.199948,102.251406


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