Blooming with many bah kut teh restaurants, Subang Jaya’s SS14 fame and popularity is already prominence and probably deserving to be known as the mini Klang. With so many bah kut teh shops there, competitions are inevitable. The older ones have their regular customers where else the newer ones play around with the dishes and probably a bit on ambiance to attract bah kut teh lovers.


1.da de bkt (4)


Their latest addition is the dah de bah kut teh who offers slightly more than the conventional bkt. Instead of the usual thick herbal soup with assorted parts of pork meat, they also sell other dishes and that is great for family meals or communal eating. The full glory of dish varieties have yet to be explored but the choices seems extensive with a good choice of assorted vegetables, poultry and seafood. Bean sprout appear classical and sells at reasonable price of Rm 6.


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Focusing on their bah kut teh, rich herbal flavoured soup offer in either claypots or bowls. Claypots preserve heat for a little longer compared to the ones served individually in bowls. Claypots comes in different sizes and this one is the portion for one pax (Rm 12) and is obviously sufficient for 2 person.


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Individual bowl servings are an advantage to bkt lovers as they can then enjoy the whole spread of assortment. From innards to pork belly and pork ribs to livers, each divided in each individual bowl respectively. Bah kut teh soups are distinguished by their complex broth of interesting mix of herbs and spices with pork bones and meats simmered for an ample duration to get the best of flavour from all the ingredients. Additional variation of assorted fungi and/or different pieces of tofu pok or fuchuk is totally up to individual’s preferances. Here in dah dee bah kut teh, they offer this great variety to accommodate to the majority and patrons orders accordingly to what they like most.


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And with the great variants of bah kut teh and counterclaimed origins, there will be many who claimed being the best or the most authentic. The best place for bah kut teh would eventually come down to where and what meets the palate most. One of the unique dish offered is the Vinegar Pork (Rm 12 for small size) and it is very from from perfect. It lacked fragrant and was dully sourish all the way despite the very tenderly stewed pork.


5.da de bkt


Thriving to reign above all the other bah kut teh restaurants, this one is neat and cosy with bright yellow light and ample space between each table. No doubt it is much cleaner and more comfortable dining in compared to the rest.


6.da de bkt (13)


There are more than one outlet of Da De Bah Kut Teh around PJ area (Seri Kembangan, Taman Connaught, Subang Jaya, Cheras Selatan and Bukit Mertajam) but this review is based in the outlet at:


14 Jalan SS14/2,
47 Subang Jaya,
Petaling Jaya 47500.
OPENING HOURS: Mon – Sun: 10:00 – 22:00
PHONE:+60 3 5631 1281


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