Great for large groups and all occasions, the drunk cat is one of the restaurant with the perfect location that comes with ample availability of parking bays. Ranging from very simple and heartwarming dishes we are all familiar with, diners get a taste of home with basic dishes like the Tomato Fried Egg (RM 9). Egg lovers wouldn’t mind the Steam Mix Eggs (RM 9) and if not as salty, one cannot feel closer to home with their egg dishes.


1.drunken cat @kuchai lama (1)
2. drunken cat


Then move on to Fu Yu Pork (RM 15) where the good recipe meets good ingredients and executed by cook with good chinese culinary skills. I had problem with the layer of fats but pork lover should have no issues with it. Salted pork (RM 15) is good to go with white rice and could obviously go easy with the salt.


3.drunken cat @kuchai lama
4.drunken cat


The Chinese cuisine are made up by the many dialects and each symbolises good luck or joyful mood. Fried Four Season Vegetable (RM 12) stir fried a mix of four vegetables, hence a pleasant variety. Bayam Soup (RM 11) substantially comforts the stomach with the delicious superior soup.


5.drunken cat kuchai lama
6. drunken cat


Seafood lover should be glad and relief with the good quality of ingredients in their seafood dishes. There is the Lala in Supreme Soup (RM 18) served with candle lid at the bottom to preserve heat to the soup; sweet and superbly delicious, great to be presented at communal eating.


7.drunken cat @kuchai lama (2)


There is something for everyone and tofu lover would be please with the assortment of tofu variables. Square ones or round ones; anything that appeals would be ideal at communal meal. Pork and Beancurd (RM 10) composition matches the fragrant and sweetness mainly from the pork and the thick gravy. And if desiring some stir fried noodles or rice, the selection was immense. Seafood Fried Rice was pretty luscious with lots of medium sized prawns.


8. drunken cat
9.crunken cat


Homely and friendly, the assortment of dishes and varieties of selection are amazing. From the barn and farm, the many ways of cooking are fantastic. And seafood lovers can be rest assured to be very pleased and happy with the sea harvest. From fishes to shells and clams to squids, matching them with a beer or two should be amazing with the perfect company. And like many other ‘tai chau’ restaurant, drinks didn’t stray far from what’s commonly served elsewhere.


The Drunk Cat is located at :
Jalan Kuchai Maju 7,
Kuchai Entrepreneurs Park,
57100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7980 2573
GPS: 3.089538,101.68627


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