The taste of Mediterranean is now closer than you think. Turkish flavour wafting through the Turkish Cafe Istanbul at TTDI along a humble and quiet lane, one that is least expected to have a restaurant as such. Inside the café, is settled with simple décor and mainly focusing on the space and comfort.


1.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (15)
2.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (16)


And when sampling the flavours of the Silk Road, it is inevitable to think of fare, dips and humus definitely, as well as some kebabs and the tanginess that’ll keep your palate entertained with lots of amusement. Take the Mixed Appetisers (RM 27) for instance- a platter so perfect for sharing and for unleashing the greediness in me to try everything it is that they have on a single plate.


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Especially intrigued by this grape leave wrap, this Turkish Stuffed Grape Leaves are amazing in taste as opposed to the boring looking presentation. Wrapped to tiny sizes with the grape leaves, and stuffed inside with rice cooked with other flavourful vegetables, this one can be quite filling too. Take note that appetisers are served with Turkish bread.


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Also in this meal was the Chicken Adana Kebab Rice (RM 15) and it was only because we fear their kebab platter was too huge of portion. This kebab dish is good for solo diners, with a good ratio of meat, vegetables and option of rice or chips. Their rice is delicious with each grain cooked to perfection and packed with very lovely aroma and fragrance of herbs. And pair with their juicy meat, makes a lovely combo.


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For the ones not too adventurous when it comes to foreign food, I believe the good old Fish and Chips (RM 15) warrants an assurance that nothing could possibly go wrong. For a decent pricing, a huge slice of fish, battered and fried is served with some chips and tartar dip.


9.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (4)


Lastly, here is one of the few places to find some authentic fix of Turkish Coffee (RM 8) and Turkish Small Tea (RM 3). The coffee is crazy strong where else their tea was pretty similar to what most Malaysians could adapt to. One of us went on the entire night like a mechanical toy powered perpetually with endless flow of energy. It would probably be stronger than the usual espresso for some people.


10.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (1)
11.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI


Turkish Cafe Istanbul is relatively young in the neighbourhood but should be receiving more diners in a couple of months when words spread. After all, the flavours are pretty authentic. Parking is easy as breeze here during dinner and services are friendly. Despite the language difficulty, the staffs tried their best to explain the dishes. Their meats is a must order.


12.Turkish Istanbul Cafe @ TTDI (18)


Turkish Cafe Istanbul is located at :
12, Jalan Wan Kadir 1,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail,
60000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-7731 1644
GPS: 3.139238,101.62959


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  1. A Not So Secret Admirer

    I wonder how it would be for me on the Turkish coffee. After all, I’ve always felt middle Eastern coffee would be mild but this looks and is described as strong and I believe it would be like those in the European front.

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