Nestled in Taman Desa, Star Café hosts live bands on a daily basis, every night with plenty of choices on the menu and from the bar. Expect a chilled – out ambiance and plenty of selection to pick from. On the menu are both western and local inspired dishes and enjoy the friendly hospitality from all the staffs in this outlet.


16.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa
Aside from popular pup grub like pork Knuckle, there are also light enteries or appetisers that is at the same time good for sharing and perfect as starters. Star Pork Knuckle (RM65) showed us some awesome crispy pork knuckle served with sauerkraut and potato Wedges. This portion suggests a good sharing platter and good thing it wasn’t over cooked.


3.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa


Starters were kept light and refreshing. There is the Tofu Salad (RM18) and Fresh Salmon Cerviche (RM22) for anyone who’d like to keep things simple and sleek. Silken tofu and crispy wonton skin on a bed of salad leaves were served with what i find a little peculiar, peanut and Jpanese sesame dressing.


10.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa
9.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa


The elaborated list of choices in the menu accomodate crowds who seek serious value for money and good food since the beginning. Braised Lamb Shank (RM39) cooked for 4 hours with red wine marinate and served with mashed potato and the Hainanese Lamb Shank (RM42) with a tender lamb shank in traditional Chinese roots & wolfberry soup would appeal to lamb lover, especially given the reasonable prices. Take note that the later is served with white rice as well.


6.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa
7.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa


Also from the barn, there is a whole list of chicken dishes to choose from and on table this time around is the Spring Chicken (RM 42), serving half the bird grilled and baked to golden brown and accompanied with side salad and special Hainanese sauce, and the Chicken Deminoff (RM25) which is least attractive in flavour compared to the first but easier to savour with the softer texture of that Quater Chicken braised in cream sauce, served with mashed potatoes and fried capsicum.


5.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa
4.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa


Pleasing a diverse crowd, Beef Wellington (RM59) could be the comforting decision if you are up for beef. This plump beef fillet smoothered in a blend of mushrooms and then wrapped in a puff pastry is served with red wine sauce, with some steamed vegetables and baked potato.


1. Star Cafe @ Taman Desa
2.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa


Those diverse selection didn’t just stop there because I’m about to show you the spread of Asian dishes on the menu.Otak-Otak Snapper FIllet (RM32) serves traditional Malaysian otak-otak spiced with a luxury of coconut marinate fillets of Snapper and served with white rice. Eating this solo can be a little dull so sharing is advisable.


8. Star Cafe @ Taman Desa


The noodle galore is eye opening; no one would expect things like Oyster Fried Kway Teow (RM20), Giant Prawn Crispy Noodle (RM 36), and the Bittergroud Fried Glass Noodles (RM18). But, this gives so much more options and variability.


11.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa
12.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa
13.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa


Also, they dont bluff when using the word “deluxe” because despite being taken aback by the huge portion of Deluxe Curry Mee (RM 20), I was told that regulars actually polished the generous size of this curry mee.


14.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa


And as favourable as everything on the menu, in particular, it would be very unfair to discount the bar- Cocktails are starting from RM 25.


15.Star Cafe @ Taman Desa


Star Café is located at:
65, Jalan 109e,
Taman Shanghai,
58100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:+60 3-7971 3550
Opens Daily (including public holidays) : 11 am-2am
GPS: 3.09808,101.67857


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