Milligram at Taman Mayang, a café within a busy neighbourhood which shares the name of several stray cats that is currently permanently residing at the facade. Meet the three very adorable and spoiled kitty known as Milli, Gram, and Kilo on your way in.


1.Milligram @ Taman Mayang
2.Milligram @ Taman Mayang
3.Milligram @ Taman Mayang


Built with minimal concept, settings are perfect for a simple lunch in a crowded area – and for a seriously good cup of coffee. Espresso pressed brewed with single origins (no hand brew just yet when I visited them few months back but I think they have it now). Mocha ice (RM 12) would be my choice on a hot day but they have daily combos with their meals where you get coffee from as low as RM 5. And as lovely as that sound, a hot cup of water with lemon would disturbingly also cost you a hefty RM 5 and that to me is not cool at all.


4.Milligram @ Taman Mayang
5.Milligram @ Taman Mayang
6.Milligram @ Taman Mayang


Food menu seemed simple with a light spread very suitable for light bites or even lunch if you nibble your food like me. Braised Chicken with Mashed Potato (RM 17) would be a dear if chicken is treated correctly to remain fresh. Side vegetables that accompanied were amazing though.


7.Milligram @ Taman Mayang


Joining the bacon trend, look out for the French Toast with Bacon (RM10); a twisted sweet-savoury combo that pulls off to earn that thumbs up. Anyone who didn’t mind bacons in their dish would be keen with this one.


8.Milligram @ Taman Mayang


The daily special of this day was the hearty Macaroni and Cheese (RM 10) and the portion seriously reminded me of something my friend Merryn would get for adorable Ethan boy. This kind of comfy food won’t have people complaining so if you are a fan of homey meals, then this could be that great stop.


9.Milligram @ Taman Mayang


The biggest pull factor if you are a cat lover is probably the nekos and the unperturbed ambiance is obviously worth a visit if you happened to be around the area. It was quiet when we dropped by, so it was a lovely visit.


The Milligram Cafe is located at:
8, Jalan SS 26/4,
Taman Mayang Jaya, 47301
Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Opening Hours: Daily 11 am- 11 pm (Close on Tuesdays)
Facebook :
Tel: 013-518 8000
GPS: 3.1162585,101.604949


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    • sycookies

      The cats are really cute… and I think your little girl is gonna love it too. The food really is nothing quite to shout about, but they made it fairly with the ambiance and friendly service.

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