Everybody loves a good cupcake. And one has to admit that cupcakes are perfect for parties. I love cupcakes mainly due to the very convenient sizes. What I love in a good cupcake is the moist and the key to that can be easily determined by the ingredients and easily achievable, starting with a quality butter. So don’t hesitate to go for quality butters when baking at home. The toppings are something I look forward too as well. When making my own cupcake, I don’t normally include toppings but if anyone is interested, I’ll make a video of the process soon.


600g salted butter
Flour 500g (sieved)
Castor Sugar 400g
10 medium sized eggs (separate yolk and white)
4 tablespoon Carnation milk
2 tablespoon whisky (optional)


Start with butter and sugar, beat till smooth with medium speed for about 15 minutes. Slowly add the carnation milk. Set this aside.




In a separate bowl, mix 10 egg white and sieve to remove egg chalazae (thread like structure that suspends the yolk in eggs) Beat at high speed for about 5 minutes till very fluffy.




In another bowl, beat the yolks.




Slowly stir beated egg whites and yolks into butter mix with a stirrer and gradually add flour into this mix.




Add whisky (optional)




When all are mixed evenly, distribute into cupcake cups.




Preheat oven to 170 Celsius and bake at 190 Celsius for 13 minutes.




Tips: You can add a dollop of chocolate, berry jam, chocolate chips or anything you can think of in mixture and the outcome can be very interesting.




For chocolate filling, just break a small square from a chocolate bar and insert into cupcake mix before baking.




Optionally, use a bigger mold and you get a bigger cake. Do what you want with it, just play with a bit of creativity.




The layer on top is lightly crunchy and beneath it is fluffy soft and buttery delicious. The butter quality really determines the taste of this cakes so use good butter when making this. This is perfect to serve during tea time and with some good hot English tea, you would love your tea time very much.




Enjoy baking!


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