With an explosion of cafe culture in town, Plat Kitchen at Melaka Raya, Melaka is one with more than that to be offered. Alas dining at the Plat Kitchen at Melaka Raya (Melaka) is caveated ; I paid two visits at the very early stage and both deduced vast inconsistency with the quality of their food.


Despite the inconsistency while being young at it, the food is already very well considered with what may be a breakthrough of Melaka’s cafe scene. The few rare ones with their own bake; the sourdough bread was soft and moreish with a chewy crust, with the spread showcasing homemade kaya.


1.Plat Kitchen at Melaka Raya
2.Plat Kitchen at Melaka Raya


For something heavier, starting with their Soup of The Day (RM 8.50) showcased their creativity, and I landed with the Pumpkin with fennel soup with minimal compromise on flour and partnered with their sourdough slice. The addition of fennel really reminded us of dahl, but it was all good and comforting.


3. plat kitchen Melaka


Their creativity also spills to the mains, making this café potentially the greatest breakthrough at the local scene here in Melaka. Fusing their home recipe to pasta, the Ah Ma’s Sambal Hebi Pasta (RM 18.50) is a real delight, with the kick and fragrant of sambal and sweetness of the dried shrimps in it. Keeping their pasta texture to accommodate the local palate, al dante probably is upon request only. Topped with a skewer of pandan chicken, this dish would be a sensation if pandan chicken weren’t too dry.


4. Plat Kitchen Melaka Raya


While taking pride at their grandma recipe, Plat Kitchen also demonstrates eminence when it comes to their Pulled Chicken (RM 10.50). The lovely and tender chicken accompanied with some greens, is something out of the usual in the local scene especially when rocket leaves were boldly included to really perk up the nuttiness to balance the chicken.


5. plat kitchen melaka raya


Conspicuously a better choice of heavier meal, Chicken stew with wild mushroom (RM18)here serves a whole chicken leg nicely stewed to tenderness and accompanied with couscous- another daring choice of side to be included and introduced to the local café scene. Their courage is very much to be applauded with subsist since inconsistency still prevails from being young and inexperienced.


6. Plat Kitchen Melaka


Moving to the dessert, their attempt to create a signature piece for the café failed terribly when an oversized brownie too airy and spongy at the same time is served on sizzling hot plate with red wine infused and paired with pistachio crumbles atop a scoop of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. This Sizzling Red Wine Brownie (RM 18.50) didn’t quite emphasized red wine despite it being the highlight.


7.plat kitchen melaka


Beverages and coffee are totally redeeming all short comings at this relatively new café. From the classic caffeine fixes to unconventional concoctions, all fares decently with chilled mixes being champs on hot day. Refreshing Rosemary Iced Lemonade (RM 7) is great with those warm weather of the town but if you need your caffeine, there is the Iced Mocha (RM 12.50)


8. Plat Kitchen Melaka
9. plat kitchen


Made cosy with the blue wall and neat table seating with entrance from both the front and back of the cafe shop lot, the place is very welcoming with baristas also doubling as waiters occasionally and a good and friendly service with a very warm smile. And even though the Matcha Latte (RM 9) was a let down by the lack of green tea powder, Latte (RM 9) was palatably creative to be served with a piece of local kuih bangkit although totally omittable.


10. plat kitchen melaka
11. plat kitchen melaka


On an unassuming street in Melaka Raya, this neatly designed café makes a pleasant spot for a cup of coffee and a soulful meal although juggling with the occasional inconsistency wouldn’t be the most pleasant thing.




Click HERE for Plat Kitchen’s menu.


Plat Kitchen Melaka Raya is located at:
598, Jalan Melaka Raya 10
Taman Melaka Raya
75000 Melaka
GPS: 2.185865, 102.257174
Facebook: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/platkitchen
Business Hour : Mon- Sun, 10 am-12 am


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