Showcasing traditions and culture of Indonesia through their dishes, Bumbu Desa at KLCC offers full- blown Indonesian flavours. Being strategically at the heart of KL where foreigners and tourist frequents, it does not town down authentic recipes to attract Western customers. The restaurant draws not only tourists, but locals with love for authentic Indonesian dishes. And with no al fresco roof terrace whatsoever, gazing opportunities might have been minimized but the authentic dishes prove justifiably a good place for Indonesian meal.


1. Bumbu Desa KLCC


There is certainly plenty of variety on the food menu, with ala carte offering dishes ranging from rendang beef to sambal chili, fried fish and Indonesian soups and salads. And, offering these dishes in set meals for bigger crowd, the set starts from RM 160++. Starting with the peanuty salad, the renowned Indonesia salad is the starter of the set. Gado – Gado (RM 10.50) serves steamed mixed vegetables with eggs, served with traditional peanut sauce; and topped with empeng (crackers made from melinjo fruit)


2.bumbu desa KLCC
3.bumbu desa KLCC


Tantalizing the palate with lots of sour and tangy is those epic sour vegetables soup. Sayur Asem (RM 8.50) puts together the mixture of sweet corn and baby corn, long beans, peanuts and green pumpkin and merinjo leaves. And following that is a sequence of full-blown Indonesian flavours, starting with Terung Sambal (RM 8.50), Ayam Bakar (RM 12.50), and Ayam Cabai Ijo (RM 11.90).


7.bumbu desa KLCC
4.bumbu desa KLCC

Grilled marinated chicken smeared with sweet soya sauce

5.bumbu desa KLCC

Marinated chicken with green chili & spices


From chicken to fish, there is the yellow curry for Gulai Talapia (RM 32.60).


11.Bumbu Desa Indonesian food KL KLCC


Serving a popular Indonesian dish, the Rendang Daging (RM 13.50) is presented with standard and offered at reasonable price. Slow cooked and tenderized beef in coconut milk and spices to go with free flow of white rice in an unpretentious atmosphere. The reason why set meals are worthy, otherwise you pay RM 2.50 for ala carte white rice.


8.bumbu desa KLCC
9.bumbu desa KLCC


While we are there, we added few ala carte and the fresh seafood still did impress me with the flakes still juicy inside, only slightly too dry to my liking on the outside. Deep fried marinated tilapia wasn’t the best but Talapia Goreng (RM32.60) here has a lovely dipping sauce to go with it. Also ordered to add to the meal was the Bumbu Desa signature dish- Ayam Bumbu Desa (RM 12.50).


10. Bumbu Desa KLCC
6.bumbu desa KLCC


Lastly, there is always space for dessert but I don’t recommend any here, nevertheless this Pisang Sos Caramel (RM 9.50) with banana fried with butter and topped with caramel sauce and sprinkled with almond and raisins does seem pretty convincing on the photo.


12. Bumbu Desa KLCC Indonesian Food KL


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Bumbu Desa is located at :
Lot 415, Level 4, Suria KLCC,
Jalan Ampang,
50088 Kuala Lumpur.
Phone:+60 3-2161 3532
GPS: 3.1584157,101.7127978



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