With year of monkey approaching, Tai Thong Restaurants celebrates and dedicate the series of their auspicious dishes this year; inspired by the god of Monkey King himself. Tai Thong Group’s Executive Chef Lee Wee Hong and his team uses superior ingredients and special recipes, ensuring these Chinese New Year dishes embodies the unique characteristics of Monkey King, allowing diners to embark a journey of great taste and divine flavours.


1. Tai Thong 2016 CNY menu


Golden Fortune Yee Sang with fruits and nuts (RM68.80++ for half portion and RM108.80++ for full portion) lets diners tossed the combination of pistachio, almonds, dried blueberries and cranberries with other lovely fruits like apple, promegrate and dragon fruit. Not forgetting what’s taking center stage on the plate, the Monkey King’s favourite fruit- Peach.


3.Tai Thong 2016 CNY menu
4.Tai Thong 2016 CNY menu
2.Tai Thong 2016 CNY menu


Also in the spotlight is their Double – boiled Dried Seafood Soup served in coconut (RM 48.80+). Inevitably nourishing with the kind of ingredients but at the same time potentially overwhelming for those watching the cholesterol levels. We are looking at fish maw, abalone, scallops, village chicken mushroom and bamboo pith and the only complain probably is the tiny opening at the coconut that’s a little obstructive when scooping those seafood essence.


5.Tai Thong 2016 CNY menu


The smorgasbord of luxury sea harvests all piled onto one giant platter, each carefully seasoned and cooked, from deep fried tiger prawns to cheese baked mussels, and the traditional ingredients performing at their very best, Tai Thong’s Fortune Seafood Treasure Pot (RM 298.80+ for 5 pax and RM 498.80 for 10pax) is guaranteed not shabby at all to be on center stage at the reunion dinner.


6.Tai Thong 2016 CNY menu


With a touch of Japanese in the rice dish, Tai Thong chooses edamame to tone greasiness in their Claypot Rice with Chinese Waxed Meat and Edamame. And the creativity continues in the Chilled “Nian Gao” with Osmanthus and Sakura (RM 11.80+ for 6 pcs) to have that chewy texture completely enclosed by a layer of fragrant Osmanthus jelly.


7.Tai Thong 2016 CNY menu
8.Tai Thong 2016 CNY menu


Tai Thong’s Chinese New Year Set Menus are priced between:-
– RM538++ to RM1188++ for 6 pax
– RM828++ to RM1928++ for 10 pax
(with complimentary Premium Gift Set containing Dried Moss, Dried Oyster, Duck Waxed Drumstick, Dried Mushrooms or wine sets.


Also check out Tai Thong’s Prosperous Dim Sum range which is specially crafted in conjunction with the Lunar New Year celebration.


9.Tai Thong 2016 CNY menu

Steamed Fatt Choy Dumpling with Prawns

10.Tai Thong 2016 CNY menu

Steamed Triple Delight with Oyster Sauce

11.Tai Thong 2016 CNY menu

Baked Dried Oyster Tart

12.Tai Thong 2016 CNY menu

Steamed Bamboo Rice with Chinese Waxed Meat


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