Tranquility is probably the best word to describe the Drip loft at Bangsar. While smoking regular cigarettes are known to be banned or prohibited in most cafes, Drip loft is one that’ll allow their guests and customers to smoke their way to their heart content except the encouragement applies on e-cigarette or vaping (whichever term it is more commonly known for). It’s unique selling point- a counter equipped with everything you need for vaping, juices of assorted flavours and an entire team of vape enthusiast to guide and assist any queries regarding vapping.


1. Driploft Bangsar


While some place has applied bans to e-cigarette, and with many others being poised to go a step further, prohibiting the use in public with debates occurring and vaping being the subject of public health dispute, you can be rest assure that this space is where judgmental opinions do not exist; in contrary, enthusiast and aficionados gather to have a good time. Weather it is to seek a quiet space or to meet people of similar interest, Drip loft offers exactly what you need.


2.Driploft Bangsar


Everyone has the right to seek their own happiness and if it comes in form of vapour, let it be with assorted flavours. And the vape menu are as interesting as it looks. Although also offering fresh coffee and light food, they are clearly secondary and would hardly make it into the spotlight. Decent beans are privileges and anything served without coffee puts their reputation in a cloudy zone with quality of what’s served relying entirely in the hands of your barista. That explains the unimpressive Matcha when compared to the hot Americano.


3.Driploft Bangsar
4.Driploft Bangsar


Light bites like sandwiches are available even tough unimpressive when it comes to varieties. Everything was almost either out or not ready when I visited, with limited choices of dessert and cakes. Curry puff in XL size comes in beef, lamb or chicken and we went with chicken but it was a little dry inside out.


5.Driploft Bangsar


The curry puff is apparently not the only thing that lacks moist. Brownie was and tough like cardboard but was saved by the double scoop of vanilla ice cream.


6.Driploft Bangsar


Plenty of room for improvements on their food but they have the best vaping lounge in Bangsar that I know off to date.


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Drip loft is located at:
No. 5-1 (1st Flr), Jalan Telawi 3,
Bangsar Baru. ( Above DipNDip)
Tel: +(03) 22021330
GPS: 3.132544,101.671079
Opens daily from 12pm – 12am


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