After a long week, there is no better way to reward yourself and spending a sometime at the Brunch and Munch at the G – village for a leisurely start of a lazy Sunday. Serving mouth watering pork dishes, the restaurant serves either a wholesome satisfying brunch portion, or a tiny nibbling portion. If I must say, some of the munch that I’ve sampled weren’t nibbling portion to me. And the taste is no amateur attempt because this no-frills neighborhood eatery offers a menu of quality.


1.Brunch and Munch @ G - village
2.Brunch and Munch @ G - village


If decided to munch, there is the Scottish Eggs (RM 18) with the soft boiled eggs nicely cross-sectioned to half to beautifully showcase the spiced pork casing, drizzled with sweet hot sauce and accompanied by pickled cucumber.


3.Brunch and Munch @ G - village


Also for munching, their Pork Corn Belly (RM18) is served with choices of steamed rice or hash brown so this roasted pork belly in dark soy sauce can be a meal on its own, or as a magnificent pub grub (it’s never too early for booze when there is a good pork dish).


4.Brunch and Munch @ G - village


More pigs to showcase, the ‘Pig’-za (RM18) might be just the right answer to fellow pork lovers. Serving thin crust pizza loaded with ham, chorizo, shredded pork, bak kua, lap cheong, tomato concasse, mozzarella & parmesan cheese, red onion, english mustard mayo, and thankfully some arugula. This pleases the selective crowd, but I’m not a fan of lap cheong-cheese combination.


5.Brunch and Munch @ G - village


Cleverly incorporating local dishes to their menu, look for the BKT Eggs & Belly (RM18) with one traditionally cooked tea egg & pork bacon in typical herb broth we can easily relate to bah kut teh, and served with steamed rice. This would be comforting if it weren’t too greasy.


6.Brunch and Munch @ G - village


Moving to the real portion- their brunch selections and start with hearty mix of greens with combination of leaves with egg white, quail egg, carrot, bacon, onion rings, radicchio & rocket, drizzled with a tangy honey-citrus dressing and lemon. Egg-cellent Salad (RM18) is perfectly excellent for the health conscious ones.


7.Brunch and Munch @ G - village


Fishing in Bed (RM30) packs all the protein together with plenty of additional ingredients for that exciting satisfaction. Serving a nicely done salmon & truffle scramble eggs on thyme-butter baguette, chives, wilted spinach, edamame puree and honey glazed seared lemon, this is your posh version of scrambled eggs.


8.Brunch and Munch @ G - village


And remember to not miss out on the classic and classy Brunch & Munch Carbonara (RM 26) because their wobbly sous-vide egg on top of fettuccine served with pork belly, bacon, aged cheese and mushroom was to die for.


9.Brunch and Munch @ G - village
9..Brunch and Munch @ G - village


Not so “Boar” Ribs (RM30) is not boring at all with delicious slow-cooked marinated ribs served with potato wedges, sautéed cabbage and bacon.


10.Brunch and Munch @ G - village


Burgers are available too and burger lovers would know the best way to savour Cheese “Boar”-Ger (RM 35). Despite its presentation, the most conventional way to dig in is with both your hands. Alas, the rather loose texture of homemade BBQ pork patty isn’t the best they’ve got to offer, otherwise this chunky piece BBQ pork patty topped with a sunny side, chinese sausage (lap-cheong), bacon, aged cheddar, pineapple relish, tomato , gherkin, lettuce and coleslaw, served with charcoal bun would be a delight.


11.Brunch and Munch @ G - village
12.Brunch and Munch @ G - village


The beverage menu covers from juices to smoothies and coffees to some limited selection of booze.


13.Brunch and Munch @ G - village

Beat It (RM12)-Homemade smoothies of pineapple, peach and carrot.

14.Brunch and Munch @ G - village

Karma Chamelon (RM 12)- Watermelon on lychee mint.


Brunch and Munch is located at:
Lot G-05, G Village,
G Residence Condo, Jalan Desa Pandan,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Business Hours: Tue-Sun: 10.30 am-10:00 pm
Tel: 03-4065 0860
GPS: 3.1496407,101.734293
Website :


Click HERE for their Menu and HERE for more photos on flikr.


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