Kopi XOXO at Bangsar is a hot and humid, yet bustling café with a compilation of good vibe, fancy and hippy interior, and decent local delights to offer. Renowned goreng pisang of The Gorpis featuring colourful toppings are available and is a popular pick amongst the customers. Each flavour cost RM 8 as opposed to RM 7 at their stall in Kota Damansara. Fashionable selection for dine in only is the El Plato (RM 15) – a platter of crispy fried banana covered with beautiful toppings. Featuring four flavours: Original Cheese, White Chocolate, Chocoloate, and Strawberry, these crunchy fritters are very addictive and perfect to replenish your sugar level.


10.Kopi XoXo @ Bangsar
1.Kopi XoXo @ Bangsar
2.Kopi XoXo @ Bangsar
3.Kopi XoXo @ Bangsar


Colourful platter of crunchy fritters is not the only reason to why this place is a crowd pleaser. Also available are substantial plates like the Bubur XOXO (RM14.90). White congee seasoned with salt served in individual claypot is accompanied with salted egg, peanuts, fried anchovies and spicy kangkung.


4.Kopi XoXo @ Bangsar
5.Kopi XoXo @ Bangsar
6.Kopi XoXo @ Bangsar
7.Kopi XoXo @ Bangsar


To finish, they have their renditions of sweet beverages – Kopi with Jelly (their signature), Ice blended, chocolate and tea selections. They also take pride with the milo flavoured fried ice cream but we decided to leave that for the next visit.


8.Kopi XoXo @ Bangsar
9.Kopi XoXo @ Bangsar


Parking is a mess with very limited space but valet (RM 5) is a helpful solution.


11.Kopi XoXo @ Bangsar
12.Kopi XoXo @ Bangsar
Kopi XoXo is located near the Petronas petrol station at:
3, Jalan Riong Off,
Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone:+60 19-254 3317
GPS: 3.127809,101.67443
Opening Hour: 12:30pm- 9:30pm daily (Monday Closed)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KopiXoXo/


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