Where is Uncle Botak’s nasi lemak stall now? Did Uncle Botak move somewhere? What happened to Uncle Botak’s nasi lemak stall next to IJC? These are those questions every IJConvent’s alumni from classes of 90s to early 2000s would asks, and could relate to when speaking about good old memories from back in the good old school days. If I’m not wrong, it probably is also a nostalgic memory for many boys from SFI and Melaka High School. After all, that’s where the boys would meet the girls after school ends every weekday.


1. Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru
2.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru


Reminisce through every bite of fragrant santan rice, with kangkung, accompanied by the freshly cut cucumber slices, hardboiled egg, fried ikan bilis, peanuts and the delicious sambal. Sure the portion is a lot bigger than I remembered, but this XL version now caters to a different crowd (from the neighbourhood) instead of a bunch of high school kids, even though most still consists of many familiar faces from back then. Both uncle and auntie will always be able to spot any ex -student from IJ, and is always greeting them with a smile. He recognizes me right away after so many years. *ahem.. (thanks to sk ii’s pitera) LOL*


3.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru


Drinks include our typical kopitiam favourite like the teh tarik, and kopi O. And those signature favourites of all the students back when they are still operating from the tiny but bustling stall by the side gate of the school- our cooling Lee Chee Kang, and ABC. Both upgraded to XL version as well.


5.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru
6.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru
7.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru
8.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru


In order to cater to a more diverse crowd within this neighbourhood, menu has expanded from only nasi lemak to simple comfy food like the half boiled eggs with toast as well as the typical mee siam melaka. If you don’t already know, mee siam is another local delicacy that’s not the same within different states. Melaka mee siam is drenched in asam gravy so it’s extra appetizing.


10.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru
9.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru


We certainly left with plenty of fond memories and both uncle botak and his wife still have the same warm and loving smile. They’ve been serving comforting food with affordable prices then and are still offering very quality and fresh dishes at economical prices.


11.Uncle Botak Nasi Lemak (IJC side gate) @Melaka Baru


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Uncle Botak’s Nasi lemak is now also known as and is located at the medan selera food court (adjacent to the corner Wilson chicken rice shop) at:


Medan Selera Tmn Melaka Baru
Taman Melaka Baru,
75350 Batu Berendam, Melaka


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  1. Joyce

    It’s not there anymore. I asked the other stalls at the foodcourt and they said Uncle Botak has not been there for some time. Where is the latest location?

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