Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway stokes your cravings for the classic nyonya dishes when browsing through their simple and non intimidating menu. The few pages of laminated menu showcase nothing more than the few names of dish we are all familiar with as signatures of nyonya cuisine. And the non-existent d├ęcor and amateurishly presented menus of this tiny, no-frills homey restaurant might explain how they can do what they do: serving some of the best nyonya food in the capital at laughably reasonable prices is not low prices.


1.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway


Malaysian cuisine consist a multicultural food element and Nyonya cuisine in particular is one that is prominent. It is a mixed, combined and a modified version of both Chinese and Malaysia culture, that stays exclusively unique and special till this very day. If there is anything that is auhentically and truly Malaysian, it would be our very own Nyonya heritage.
We ordered Roti Jala with curry chicken (RM 10.50) to begin. Chicken itself is tender, with plenty of sweet memories, very close to homely flavour.


2.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway


Chicken Wings (RM 12) are to die for. It is the star of the show with that lovely coat of delicious marinates and is probably the best chicken wing you’d find around this district. Highly recommended this one.


3.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway
4.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway


As comfortable as their curry chicken, another soulful, warm and comforting flavour that is so perfect to go with a plate of steaming white rice – Chicken Pongteh (set RM 10.50, ala carte RM 8.50).


5.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway
6.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway


Beverages are pretty local and authentic as well. Teh Tarik (RM 3) or Ginger Tea very well represents Malaysia except the ‘ah ne’ at the mamak probably do it a whole lot better than this one here.


7.Sarang Cookery at Jalan Galloway


Sarang Cookery is located at:
8 Jalan Galloway, Kuala Lumpur.
(Same row as VCR cafe)
Phone:+60 12-210 0218
Business Hour : Mon-Sat, 730am-10pm
GPS: 3.1430631, 101.70546


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