Just like the name suggests, Café 360 is all round up serving a jumble of fancy mains characterized by touches and influences from all over the world, as well as desserts and an extensive beverages that tickles the fancy of mainly the younger and hippie crowd in the Dragon Center Mall in Sam Sui Po, Hong Kong. Serving typical mix and variety of Asian and influence of American classic, the menu is broad with plenty of set deals at alluring prices.


1.cafe 360


What happens when fast serving food meets seafood? Expect your seafood being deep fried into plenty of creative ways to flatter the dish in a very comforting way. Pan omurice with Shrimp Cutlet in Japanese Sesame Sauce or the Hamburger with Jumbo Deep Fried Fillet, French Fries and Salad for any seafood lovers.


2.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong

Asian staple beneath a blanket of soft and fluffy egg omelet with crispy shrimp cutlet, and drizzled with lovely goma dressing.


3.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong

Jumbo sized fish burger


If not, then we go with the barn options with Roasted Spring Chicken (Half) with Cheese and Mushrooms, served with Belgian Waffle, Sunny-side up, with French Fries and Salad. Otherwise there is the Slow cooked Spring Chicken (half) with Lemon and French Fries. The first has much variety on the platter, but the fancy combination didn’t quite appeal to me. On the other hand, the later was a lot simpler and had the chicken taking center stage with texture that is a lot juicier.


4.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong
5.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong
6.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong


Pasta in soup is apparently a popular breakfast in traditional Hong Kong cafes along side with those thick toast and milk tea. It is such a local staple that it is common to also see cafes serving it and here it is accompanied with a slab of juicy pork chop on a bed of cabbages. Fusilli in Italian Organic Tomato Soup with Pork Chop Cutlet here seems to have really appeal to the locals- quite a few tables were having this when I was there.


7.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong
8.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong


As interesting as it is, they even have Pizza with Parma Ham and Arugula and Porcini Rice with Abalone & Chicken in Stone Pot. And as weird as this diversity is, their London All Day serves a platter with French croissant, deep fried jumbo fish fillet, scrambled eggs, chipolata, honey ham, wild mushroom, hash brown, and salad.


13.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong
14.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong
15.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong


If you are still feeling peckish after those large serving of mains, then it is ideal to enjoy sweet treats with pretty looking presentation and those beautiful and fancy looking toppings also gives you the unobstructed taste to the huge bed of Belgium Waffle. Otherwise, they have cakes and macaroons for the sweet tooth.


9.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong

Belgian Waffle with Mango and Ice Cream


10.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong

Belgian Waffle with Strawberry


11.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong

Belgian Waffle with Kyoto Match a Red Bean and Ice Cream


12.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong

Assorted macaroon flavours


The hustle bustle within the mall’s kiosk shops and crowd have no effect on the dining experience, inside the café was designed in such that it is cleverly replete with refined dividers from Korea, partitioned off into a series of private dining corners. And like most diners in Hong Kong, the menu throws plenty of set meals with prices inclusive some sides and a drink to go with the meal to help customers make choices from the otherwise intimidating list from their freakishly large menu.


16.Café 360 @ Dragon Centre, Hong Kong
Café 360 in Dragon Centre is located at :
Unit Nos. 622, 623 & 625, 6/F, Dragon Centre,
37K, Yen Chow St, Sham Shui Po,
Hong Kong
Phone: +852 2761 1328
Business Hour: Daily 11am- 10:30pm
GPS: 22.3310919,114.157595


Click HERE for their Menu and HERE for more photos on flikr.


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