Bringing local culture to live, Renaissance Hotel hosted the global lifestyle brand’s annual Global Day of discovery; this time showcasing genuine local experiences through food and artwork of a local artist in Hong Kong.


Renaissance Harbour View Hotel Hong Kong celebrated their 5th Global Day of Discovery last month by hosting an exclusive “Sip, See and Savour Hidden Gems of Hong Kong” event for Marriott Rewards members, corporate clients and bloggers. And being in Hong Kong last month, has given me the privilege to be a part of this exclusive event featuring a “Cha Chaan Teng” night; all thanks to Yuki (Hong Kong’s social media influencer in food).


1.Global Day of Discovery


It is very true that the hidden gems of Hong Kong are best to be discovered through culinary and what’s better than Hong Kong’s very own cafes, better known as “Cha Chaan Teng” ? -a class of their own not found in any parts of the world.


2.Global Day of Discovery #renhotels #dayofdiscovery
3.Global Day of Discovery #renhotels #dayofdiscovery
4.Global Day of Discovery #renhotels #dayofdiscovery
7.Global Day of Discovery #renhotels #dayofdiscovery


For added interactive fun, attendees were able to enjoy the signature dishes of Hong Kong and complimentary vibrant abstract of expressionist artwork as we enjoy the succinct amusement of the conceptual space, along with local delicacies and dazzling live music.


5.Global Day of Discovery #renhotels #dayofdiscovery
6.Global Day of Discovery #renhotels #dayofdiscovery


Also adorning the gallery space is a simultaneous to impress the guests is the exhibition of artworks by Mr. San Chiu Yan at ART ONE. His “ASH” series showcased a range of paintings, photos and videos in expressing the beauty of withered flowers.


8.Global Day of Discovery #renhotels #dayofdiscovery
9.Global Day of Discovery #renhotels #dayofdiscovery
10.Global Day of Discovery #renhotels #dayofdiscovery


The night of extravagant Hong Kong local culture explored through food, beverage and artwork was a success with Renaissance Hotel presenting each of these showcases at its very best.


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