TOKB Café at Seksyen 13, otherwise also known as the Taste of Kota Bahru Cafe is like a ground for military surplus on top of authentic Kelantanese fare. Part cafe and part a viewing gallery with various wartime memorabilia, TOKB Cafe serves up Kelantanese dishes with ingredients sourced directly from Kelantan, and prep by native Kelatan chef. From popular K-drama descendant of sun’s themed song to those cool mid air hanging bikes and fighting jet models, this cafe is brimming with military themed decor, memorabilia and posters to present the nation’s first of its kind of cafe.


1.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13
2.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13
3.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13
4.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13


Themed names of their dishes are interactive, fun and most importantly authentic. Proudly showcasing the traditional recipes that are passed down through generations, their food also demonstrates comfort of home-cooked meals. Look for dishes like Nasi Rocket(RM 19.90) with fish serunding, or traditionally known as nasi tumpang. This one is an appetising multi tiered rice with choice of either beef or fish serunding, and served with fried chicken too.


5.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13


Comforting staple of the east coast also comes in combination of kampong fish and subtly sweet coconut richness, spiked with a hit of spiciness. Laksam (RM 13.90) is smooth and creamy, in general very easy to be consumed.


6.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13


A more popular choice of their signature choices is the Nasi Kerabu (RM 23), with fragrant blue rice served with fried chicken, kerisik sambal ikan, salted egg, and accompanied by those fresh aromatic herbs and vegetables. The fiery sambal belacan really puts an extra kick to the otherwise ordinary combination of colours. And those who must have rice, Nasi Dagang (RM 12.90) serving with Ikan Keli Paprik is as lovely for anyone who loves fish.


7.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13
8.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13
9.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13
10.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13


Otherwise, the Soldier Teriyaki Burger is pretty cool as well- definitely appeal to the younger crowd. The army and military themed gimmick is attractive although the menu seemed lost in translation with the addition of this teriyaki charcoal bun burger. Leave the gimmick aside, the chicken was delicious, even though the charcoal buns fail to impress. There is a pineapple slice with fresh lettuce and tomato slices in between, along with fried egg to enhance layering texture for extra moist.


11.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13
12.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13


Those who wish to nibble in smaller portions can go for their light bites. Roti Titab here is known as Roti C4 and this satisfying toast combines amazing mix of sweet and savoury from the kaya and butter. Also on the lovely toast is a beautiful half boiled egg. Pair that with their Teh Atom Ice (RM 9.50)- a super frothy teh tarik with honey (this one is super fun because the froth remains at the brim for the longest time).


13.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13
14.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13
With a semi alfresco and a cosy mezzanine floor, the air conditioned space is lovely as a work space whilst fuelling up with affordable food.


15.TOKB cafe @ Seksyen 13


Click HERE for their MENU and HERE for more photos on flikr.


TOKB Café is located at :
3, Jalan 13/2, Seksyen 13,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Phone: +60 3-7624 5787
Opening Hour: Daily 12pm- 9pm (Friday and Saturday extend to midnight)
Closed : Tuesdays
GPS: 3.113883,101.63955


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