Titi Eco Farm Resort is the ideal retreat destination if you are looking for a clean, organic cleansing whilst loosen up those tense from the back to back daily routine. Spend 2 days 1 night getaway from the concrete city’s hustles and bustles and dive in closer to nature. There is a one day tour and that is great to experience the green and the fresh air but if you ask me, spending a 2 days at the resort was fantastic. At the Titi Eco Farm resort, guests integrate various aspects of ecological designs, green planting and farming, whilst going back to very basic of Mother Nature and experiencing the organic and healthier lifestyles. The owner is running the resort with a wish to share their knowledge and to remind all guests to be kind to earth and learn a lot more about organic farming. Amidst the relaxing surrounding and the friendly and cheerful staffs at the resort, it is hoping that guests are educated with right way to living a better and healthier life.


8.Titi Eco Farm Resort
2.Titi Eco Farm Resort
3.Titi Eco Farm Resort
4.Titi Eco Farm Resort


The rooms are clean and with 3 packages to choose from, they are all close to nature with beautiful surrounding of mountain landscape and the zen calm of peace and quiet. Our semi-D chalet was lovely- with a clean toilet and complimentary eco friendly basic amenities. Note that there is no television and air condition, both of which are never a necessity during my 2 days stay. There is no wifi and internet is a little tacky from my carrier. I guess the yellow man couldn’t help chilling in such a soothing place; he wasn’t really close by my side all the time.


5.Titi Eco Farm Resort
6.Titi Eco Farm Resort
7.Titi Eco Farm Resort


Starting with the meals, the common area is where delicious organic meals are whipped with fresh pick of the day from the farm itself. With close to 40 acres of land with organic farms, fruits garden, poultry farm and fishponds, all ingredients are organically prepared from farm to table and I can honestly say that these organic plants and fruits in particular are one of the best I’ve tasted. All meals are served balance with plenty of vegetables and plants, as well as a good amount of protein source; it is the best meal plan you can come up with for those who practice clean eating.


9.Titi Eco Farm Resort
Starter wrap with raw julienne papaya and passion fruit. Apparently raw papayas are great to aid digestive. This one is a taste of hands on prepping session during when they shared some enzymye making tips.


After some free and easy stroll around and a beautiful sunset, dinner is generously served wholesomely with brown rice, assorted vegetables and a soup of the day.


1.Titi Eco Farm Resort
10.Titi Eco Farm Resort
11.Titi Eco Farm Resort
12.Titi Eco Farm Resort
13.Titi Eco Farm Resort
14.Titi Eco Farm Resort
15.Titi Eco Farm Resort


After nightfall, there really aren’t many activities especially when there are very minimal lights within the compound and at the same time most places are only litted upon motion sensor detection- a clever and thoughtful gesture of energy saving to save the earth. When morning comes, and a soft chime coming from the common lounge indicates breakfast being served. Breakfast is outmost the key to the performance throughout the day and if you’d know me well, it is my favourite meal of the day. Without any disappointment, the organic breakfast at this resort was ideally the best breakfast ever for me. Starting clean with some raw fruits and plants, and the wholesome grain powder drink to provide all the nutrients, as well as that lovely bread with delicious dip, I am wishing my daily breakfast could be as such. Not forgetting the steamed tapioca, and for those who seek comfort in carbs there is fried rice to as an option.


16.Titi Eco Farm Resort

Yes, this is hibiscus and yes, it’s my first time having hibiscus. Watch me savour it on my saved Snapchat stories.


17.Titi Eco Farm Resort
18.Titi Eco Farm Resort
19.Titi Eco Farm Resort

The very natural and sweet steamed tapioca.


20.Titi Eco Farm Resort
21.Titi Eco Farm Resort


The resort not only provides picturesque natural surrounds with a private balcony, cleansing gourmet organic meals, the package also comes with the guided nature walks within the park and the eco farming. During the visit, the resort owner shared plenty of his knowledge as well as life experience. Also showed us various plants we would hardly come across if it weren’t for this visit to this eco farm. Now I can say that I know what sesame plant looks like.


22.Titi Eco Farm Resort

Those are sesame plants. By the way, fresh sesame smells amazing.


23.Titi Eco Farm Resort
24.Titi Eco Farm Resort


Lunch came soon after the tour on the farm; we fed some farm animals and learnt quite a bit on farming. With strong emphasize of healthy and organic lifestyle, food consumption plays a deadly role to our health. And so every meal is planned carefully and despite dull and mundane looking, they are nothing but benefits to the health. Starter is a mix of raw plants and vegetables with fruits before the rest of the mains.


2 25.Titi Eco Farm Resort

Can I just say that their fruit is the best I’ve tasted.


26.Titi Eco Farm Resort
27.Titi Eco Farm Resort
28.Titi Eco Farm Resort
29.Titi Eco Farm Resort

All meals are served in such, accordingly to each booking and what you are looking at is a serving for 2 of us.


In between the meal time, there is the coffee bar but what intrigued me are their enzyme juices. Mangosteen enzyme drink is delicious with a subtle sweet and a hint of sour finishing that lingers on the palate to long the net sip. But most importantly, on top of being pleasantly tasty it has all the goodness to aid good digestions.


30.Titi Eco Farm Resort
31.Titi Eco Farm Resort
32.Titi Eco Farm Resort
33.Titi Eco Farm Resort


There is not option to book online as of now, but all bookings are done via phone calls or emails. Write to them and they correspond very swiftly and promptly and prices range accordingly to the accommodation option. The whole experience at the farm resort didn’t cost me more than RM 300 and this is ideally a lovely place to get close to nature. Here are my snaps during my stay at the farm resort. (DO NOT PAY ANY ATTENTION THE HUGE PIMPLE ON MY FACE. THANKS~)


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=za6riSckwqo?rel=0&w=853&h=480]


Titi Eco Farm Resort is located at:
Lot 1706, 1708, 1203, 1349, 1916, N27,
71600 Titi, Negeri Sembilan
Tel: +60 3-7874 8122
GPS: 2.9984765,102.0883
Opens Daily : 8:30am-7pm (Please make booking before visiting)
Facebook: https://youtu.be/za6riSckwqo


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