Pullman Hotel excels in a variety of dim sum dishes. Dining at the Oriental Chinese Cusine is a lovely way to get acquainted with Chinese cuisine. A must-try is the Dried Scallop Siu mai (RM 16) with caviar on top, which is executed to perfection with the popping from the egg roe and tender juicy meat providing a nice contrast in texture. Don’t missed out the Fresh Prawn Siu Mai (RM 15), and the delicious Steamed Shanghai Dumplings (RM 12). And though lacking in the most authentic ingredient, the fresh feelings in it retain the juiciness, lending a sweet finish to the savory broth that is very perfectly enveloped inside the skillfully wrapped parcel. With a little bit of vinegar and the ginger strips that are infused with vinegar, every bite explodes with delicious sensation in the mouth.


1.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum
2.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum
3.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum
6.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum
4.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum
5.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum


Another specialty- Cheung Fun with Yu Zha Gui (RM 12) is the delightful steamed rice roll wrapped around crispy yau char kueh (fried fritters), where the succulent and silky smooth cheong fun acts like a protective layer to provide a little moist to the crispy yau char kueh. This one is authentic and rarely available at a lot of places.


7.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum


Other steamed basket showcased Mui Choi Duck bun (RM 13), Signature Pearl Glutinous Rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf , and the ever irresistible Green Tea Bun with Salted Egg Yolk Custard Cream (RM 12). Everybody loves watching the gooey custard filling flow generously as we peel open the steamed bun. Matcha flavour maybe nonexsiting despite the intense green but the rich fillings are to die for.


8.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum
9.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum
10.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum
11.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum
12.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum


Signature Pearl Glutinous Rice wrapped with Lotus Leaf (RM 15) deserve a lot of limelight and recommendation because the rice were cooked so perfect within time for the rice to stick together without turning mushy and soft, and intensely infused with flavours from the leaves.


12.1.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum


For something more Fusion, the use of modern Western ingredients becomes a creation that is easily a crowd favorite. All dishes are served piping hot and the accompanying dipping sauces becomes a perfect canvas for the basket of delicately made upon ordered dimsum to shine. Get your meal off to the perfect indulgence with their ample selections of dimsum with plenty of truffle – a luxury way to get the appetite going. This one is the Black Truffle Shrimp Dumpling (RM 18).


13.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum


And speaking of luxury and good ingredients, we also had the Steamed Shrimp Dumpling with Bird’s Nest (RM 20). Bird nest has always been known for the nutritional value and beauty benefits so although not contributing much to the flavour, to savour this in dim sum isn’t exactly a bad idea.


17.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum


Prices are reflective of its local and sometimes can be on the higher end the spectrum. This dim sum features authentic items with a touch of contemporary fusion, and is completely halal too. This affair is a crowd puller and can be very popular especially for cozy gatherings. Best place to enjoy delicious dim sum with very comfort dinning and impeccably warm and pleasant hospitality.


14.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum


This is absolutely halal Cantonese fare at its best with service being unobtrusive as it promises privacy with the spacious table arrangements. Click HERE to watch this appearing on my vlog. And be prepared to pay a reasonable average price of RM 15 per basket.


15.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum
16.Oriental Chinese Cuisine @Pullman's Hotel Dim Sum


Click HERE for Menu and pricing.


Also click HERE for more photos on flickr.


Oriental Chinese Cuisine is at Pullman Bangsar at:
No 1 Jalan Pantai Jaya Tower 3,
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: +60 3-2298 1888
GPS: 3.1159732,101.66349
Website: http://pullmankualalumpur.com/restaurants-bars/oriental-chinese-cuisine/


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