No need to scratch your head when it comes to dining in Melawati Mall. The choices are so diverse one is spoilt with the wide selection. Scratch your head deciding what to order instead when it comes to the dishes that represents the heritage of Malaysia. The best of cuisine that is truly unique as a heritage of Malaysia is probably the Baba Nyonya dishes. Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili offers the wide selection of rich spices and herbs with dishes prepared upon order for their diners to ensure the freshness of each dish.


Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall


Combining Chinese wok and claypot into local rempah, Chef Rimong made sure that the rich culinary flavour is delivered in their Peranakan dishes. Homey and comforting, the dishes were packed with flavours we are all familiar with. The dishes are not the only thing that’s capturing the heritage of Malaysia. . The interior and paintings on the wall is equally as heart-warming. Check out their batik prints on their menu. Every piece of menu has a unique piece of batik cloth on it. From the piping hot and savoury spicy claypot of Assam Pedas to the Sambal Petai Prawn and the kangkung Belacan, these dishes were delicious and goes fantastic with some white rice.


1Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall


And just for the love of fried egg, the Cencalok Omelette is with no doubt on my “repeat order” list. The edges were crisp and textured just nice to balance the soft fluffiness of the egg. Also on the frying mode and the add-on-to-the-mains list is the Chicken Lobak. It could be good for nibbling but above all is Ayam Goreng Berempah that got my attention. Inside the meat was tender and juicy albeit looking a little dry. But hey, don’t let this fool you because it was delicious.


2.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall
3.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall


But if you love Peranakan dishes, the Chicken Pong Teh is not too shabby when it comes to generously portioned serving size. Serving hot in a claypot, the pieces of chicken submerging at the rich gravy will be a lovely companion for the white rice. And speaking of claypots, the fish is equally astounding and to be very honest was beyond my expectations. But nothing beats having a completely balanced meal with their vegetable dishes. I love the Kangkung very much- it was young plant and cooked to perfection at the correct timing to not ruin the texture of the green and still having that little bit of crunch in every bite. Plus, it wasn’t greasy despite the load of chili. Thumbs up for this one.


4.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall
5.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall
6.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall
7.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall


Lastly, don’t forget to treat yourself a little better sometimes for the most perfect meal isn’t complete without the desserts. Serving on the dessert menu is the Banana Fritters and Cendol. Myself is more of a fan or the later instead of the first but if you like breaded deep fried bananas, there is no reason to not order it.


8.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall
9.Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili @ Melawati Mall


This stop at the outlet here in the Melawati Mall was part of the Foodieville event organized by the mall and I also have the review on the rest of the participating fnb outlets for the occasion. Click HERE to read more about the rest of the restaurants in the mall.


Baba Nyonya by Sambal- chili is located in Melawati Mall at:
100.1, L3 Jalan Sabah, Taman Melawati,
53100 Ampang, Selangor
Business hour: 10am – 10pm daily
Phone:+60 3-4161 6313
GPS: 3.21066,101.7484403


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