A lot of the time when we’re eating out, we simply buy a bottle probably just because we like the sound of it and clandestinely hope that it will cope with everything we throw at it. But let’s just face it, we can’t always order a different bottle to go with every single dish at the course. However, the recent wine pairing menu had impressively put 2 bottles and sailed through quite a tricky series of dishes including the starter Caesar Salad, the Clear Soup with Truffle Oil, Grill Portobello with Bacon and Cheese and the Poach Salmon with White Wine Broth.
1.Wine Pairing at Cincin (Cheras)
2.Wine Pairing at Cincin (Cheras)
4.Wine Pairing at Cincin (Cheras)
5.Wine Pairing at Cincin (Cheras)
These were the first few dishes paired with Viognier and Arinto variety here at the Cincin pairing and Christmas menu. I personally feel that Caesar dressing is notoriously difficult to match with wine, let alone the type of green that is in the salad itself but tangy generally isn’t a wine killer. Except here they totally killed the experience, overdressing and drenching the greens in the creamy dressing.
6.Wine Pairing at Cincin (Cheras)
This pale colour wine that’s rounded with balanced acidity following a mellow aroma of dew highlights characteristics of the accompanying tasting notes so to begin with, Viognier and Arinto closely resembles one another when it comes to the floral qualities. Hence if you like most Portugal wines and you like your wine brut to go with your meal, this one is very easy to drink and pairs super lovely with soft seafood.
7.Wine Pairing at Cincin (Cheras)
The second bottle to pair with the Grilled Lamb Rack with Red Wine Rosemary Sauce and I am definitely happy with the choice of pairing. Lamb is a constant on menus in almost every wine pairing but it is usually challenging to pair with blends but tonight, each bite of lamb with Aldeya Tinto did a great job with that perfect balance and easy drinking of that complete round up of acidity and juicy aftertaste.
8.Wine Pairing at Cincin (Cheras)
9.Wine Pairing at Cincin (Cheras)
9.2Wine Pairing at Cincin (Cheras)
The night ended with some lovely dessert, with my heart absolutely melting all over the Ballerina and the Hojicha Crème Brulee. Both the dessert making that grand finale so superb, everyone seemed to polish their bowls and plates clean.
10.Wine Pairing at Cincin (Cheras)
11.Wine Pairing at Cincin (Cheras)
The wine offerings over at the Cincin Dine and Wine is close to perfect if not astounding, especially for folks in Cheras. They are the first with such comfy and spacious offering to present their French fine dining over some good selection of premium wines. Not only is the space gorgeous for events of any occasion, memberships are exclusively available for wine aficionados as well as casual wine lovers with RM 500 wine purchase in total of 3 bills in a month’s time. That would entitle your very own crystal wineglass stored in Cincin FREE, and a charm with name. Follow Cincin Facebook for their in-house events. For every event joined, member will get a special charm chained on their wineglass.
12.Wine Pairing at Cincin (Cheras)
Wine selections are from Wine2u so at the same time, feel free to also purchase your wine selections online. By the way, cincin is also what the French and Italian say when toasting.
Upcoming promo in Dec:
1. Roast and grill platter for 4 pax with complimentary 4 glasses of cava price at RM268++.
2. Christmas dinner from 22nd till 25th Dec a) Salad, soup and cold cuts – buffet style b) Live carving of turkey and lamb leg – table service Price not confirmed yet, so direct reader to Cincin FB page.
3. Buy 1 free 1 promotion for the following: Cava RM 38++ Red wine RM 28++ White wine RM 28++
Cincin is located at:
No 1, Jalan 1/119, Taman Bukit Hijau,
Cheras, 56100, Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour: 3pm – 2am
Contact: 03-91342272
Dress code for Wine Lounge: Smart Casual (Singlets and flip-flops are not allowed)
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