MALas Tapas Bar @ Nexus Bangsar Sosuth


Malas- supposedly spelled as Malaysian Tapas but makes a lousy portmanteau when named Malas. If it isn’t obvious enough that it actually meant lazy in bahasa, well then one could easily identify that and see it in their operating staffs because they are definitely living up to the name of this place for sure. The service crew seriously need a massive encouragement (when we are the only customer) to get them paying more attention to the customers; let alone requesting them to walk over to our table. Dainty choices are there on the menu to spoilt the customers but if Malas were to be judged solely on this alone, it would be a breakthrough for local flavour for sure. Though very unfortunately, the rest of the dining experience left it a few pegs short.


1.Malas Tapas Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South
2.Malas Tapas Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South
3.Malas Tapas Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South
4.Malas Tapas Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South


To start off, the attractive selections on the menu gets your heart pumping in excitement and when we finally agreed on the few, we were told in a frustrated tone that those weren’t available. And after a few battling rounds to try and remember what they have and what they don’t have in the kitchen, we decided to just settle with whatever it is that’s there. It’s worst because those items are the least exciting but I was determined to give it a go.


The first hiccup came when we tackled the Tapas section. They were out of our first few choices (on a Sunday at 5pm?) so went with Curious Popcorn Chicken (RM 10.90). They promise a surprise for we rely on our luck; as it consists of a mix of marinated chicken, asam, sweet and sour, oyster or spicy. Alas, I couldn’t tell what flavour it is that I got on the day. But that wasn’t all that is. The Maggi Goreng (RM 11.90), a Malaysian staple from mamak, had a load of tofu pok, taukua, and vegetables with small chunks of large prawns. While serviceable, it was over seasoned, especially salt.


5.Malas Tapas Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South
6.Malas Tapas Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South
7.Malas Tapas Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South


Guilt factor mode on alert if you are ordering Salted Egg Sotong (RM 8.90). This deep-fried calamari coated with salted egg is a big no-no, although the flavour of salted egg really shine through the rubbery and tough-to-chew-and-break loops of calamari rings. Definitely tasted like it’s been double (or ever tripped) cooked before coating with the salted egg.


8.Malas Tapas Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South


Malaysian cuisine has a reputation for having been derived from plenty to coconut and wok heat, with tasty sauces and gravy, and all were represented on the menu, including nasi lemak, char kuey teow, rempah ayam and more. The menu is lengthy, and most diners will find something that appeals. That is if they have them in the kitchen to begin with. Of course, if you are just there for a quick cooling beer or some shaved ice then it the place hosts the perfect vibe.


9.Malas Tapas Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South
10.Malas Tapas Bar @ Nexus Bangsar South


Malas Tapas Bar is located at Nexus Bangsar South at:
Lot-G13, 7, Jalan Kerinchi,
Pantai Dalam, 59200 Kuala Lumpur
Business Hour: Daily, 12pm-1am.
Phone number 03-2242 0711
GPS: 3.1097598,101.666635


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