We easily have almost close to authentic K-BBQ in Klang valley but to actually let you forget the fact that you are not in Korea, head on over to Samgeori at Trec KL. That’s right! YG Republique is now in Kuala Lumpur.


1.Samgeori (3Geori) Butcher at YG Republique Malaysia

2.Samgeori (3Geori) Butcher at YG Republique Malaysia


Thick slices of top notch meat were served free flow for all guests at the grand launch ceremony. Chug it with those beers going around and for a second there I’ve forgotten my job because all I could focus was the delicious bite of well-balanced fat layering of pork belly. I really dislike pork belly but this one tastes amazing. Each bite was juicy and super moist with the perfect chew texture when the fat layer completely melts the minute you sink your teeth into it.


4.Samgeori (3Geori) Butcher at YG Republique Malaysia

5.Samgeori (3Geori) Butcher at YG Republique Malaysia

6.Samgeori (3Geori) Butcher at YG Republique Malaysia


Of course, this inauguration was star studded. The launch of the restaurant was attended by celebrities and prominent stars whom left their signatures on the wall. Which also means that selfie with the wall becomes mandatory from then on. Big Bang’s member Seungri were present and trust me, the place was swamped with fans and securities.


I am absolutely in love with the Iberico pork belly and am definitely returning again for a proper dine and taste. Stay tuned to the proper review in the near future. Also, if you are directed to this page to see pics of your favourite celebrity, they were highly protected by tight securities I hardly catch a glimpse at all. Sorry.


8.Samgeori (3Geori) Butcher at YG Republique Malaysia
9.Samgeori (3Geori) Butcher at YG Republique Malaysia


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Samgeori Butcher’s Pork Charcuterie at YG Republique is located at:
HG-01 & HG-02 Hive, TREC,
438, Jalan Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur.
opening hours | Lunch 12pm – 3pm; dinner 6pm – 2am
Tel: 03-2110 4104
Website: http://www.ygrepublique.com.my/


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