Hot pot has been around for as long as I can remember, and I’ve been loving all sort of hot pots for the longest time. The recent trend that is rapidly growing in the last couple of months is none other than the Chinese hot pot. The concept of hot pot is pretty simple- simmering meat cuts, assorted vegetables, and maybe some noodles in various choices of broths, of which is probably most of the time the draw factor to the hot pot experience. Chinese hot pots have come to more than merely just culinary and cultural experience. It is now a form of relaxing enjoyment involving more than just actively digging into what’s cooking in the pot. The most popular hot pot trend right now is one that comes with more than just a room filled with steams and noises. It is one that comes with exceptional attentive and warm service, and sometimes even some fancy albeit unnecessary presentations and performances.

4.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

5.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

Currently boiling hot is the “ma la” otherwise known as the “numb and spicy” hot pot experience with hefty dosage of Sichuan flower pepper added to the broth richly added with thick chili oil. This is one of the most famous variations of the Chong Qing hot pot, and it is indeed having its moment now. Chong Qing is the city believed to be the birth place of hot pot in China, but the unique spicy and pungent flavor that reflects the history of the place has since travelled all across the globe so we can now experience the similar, if not the exact same culinary experience.

1.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

2.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

3.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

8.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

9.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

15.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

Sunway Velocity where hot pot spots are aplenty, this one caught my attention with the fancy display and their barbie doll meat presentation. Not that I am into it- I actually thought it wasn’t very appealing, but I thought it will be an attractive gimmick most people would appreciate. Alas, I didn’t manage to order that particular dish mostly due to my lack of proficiency in Mandarin. Here at the Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot, everything is mostly in Mandarin including the signage, putting that as the foremost upfront hindrance to locate the outlet.

7.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

6.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

Sauces are basic with freshly chopped chili, garlic, coriander and spring onion. As soon as the pot of broth is brought to the built in stove table, the meats and vegetables follows tightly after. All plates come with suggested cooking time as printed on the menu, so be ready for a mouth-numbing spicy hot pot experience soon after. We celebrate the creative soup and hot pot temperature with freshness mainly from land because the sea harvest wasn’t as intriguing. All meat balls, pork blood, pork intestine , tofu, mushroom, and the signature marinated pork rib were amazing except the pork belly slices which could have gotten more applauses if served slightly thicker.

10.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

11.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

12.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

13.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

14.Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot @ Sunway Velocity

Xiao Long Kan Hot Pot is located at:
V05-01-02, Signature 1(V05) Lingkaran SV,
Sunway Velocity, Maluri, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Opens daily from 12pm to 12 am
Phone: 010-213 3382
GPS: 3.129573,101.723144

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