I’ve seen some of the prettiest view and some very photogenic places when exploring the UNESCO Heritage site, and at the same time snacking and eating whilst enjoying some of the most beautiful and unique charm of Macao.
If anyone is keen with the history of Macao for most things, in particularly the origin and heritage of Macanese and its food, consider taking a stroll down the lane of exploration at the prominent historical locations. To truly understand the deep roots of Macanese cuisine, one needs to look further than just the Portuguese influence. Surely the influences were inevitably big as foundations in Macao but the transformation were distinctively notable in the Macanese cuisine. The birth of Macanese and the multicultural layers that formed modern Macao is very interesting even more so if you are a history buff. The Macao Museum is a good place to start. Tucked inside the Mont Fortress, with the ground surrounded by a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

Snacking and Eating down Heritage and Cultural exploration in Macao (Macau)

Mount FortressMount Fortress 2.Man Kei Eatery (文记咖啡面食)
Macao Museum Macao Street Rua Felicidade Macao (Macau) Ruin’s of St Paul’s , Mount Fortress, Macao Museum, Rua Felicidade

Snacking and Eating down Heritage and Cultural exploration in Macao (Macau)
Snacking and Eating down Heritage and Cultural exploration in Macao (Macau)Freshly baked almond cookies.

19.(壹燕糖甜品) – Bird Nest egg tartPortuguese Egg Tart- this one is with a twist. Can you see the bird nest right in the middle? Read about this HERE

Some useful information from this post:

Museum Macao and Mont Fortress is at:
GPS: 22.1929656,113.5396276
Opens daily from 10am-6pm , Closed Monday

Ruin’s of St Paul’s and Rua Felicidade at:
GPS:22.1977708,113.53864 and 22.1944554,113.53542


Food places I have covered in Macao is also pinned on Gastronomy Macao map , so this hopefully would be a great help for reference for anyone planning on a Macao food trip. Those struggling with Chinese and Portuguese like I do when planning a trip to Macao, you are welcome- navigating in Macau without these two languages was a pain for me! Now this would be so much easier, these places were all blogged HERE
This content is made possible by the Macao Govenrment Tourism Office (MGTO) Malaysia when I was invited for a Food Hunt in conjunction with the #2018macaoyearofgastronomy


Also read about my food trail in Macao, and other posts of Sycookies Food Travelogue when I travel out of Klang Valley for food.


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