Boosting the mood with dairy beverages, Anchor Food Professionals returns to debut six new dairy beverages following the success of their previous campaigns. Except previously, was showcased in food and this time around, cleverly done in beverages. These creative non- alcoholic beverages were conceptualized and created by Anchor Food Professionals chefs to showcase the delicious possibilities of dairy in beverages, bringing a sip of global trends to Malaysian consumers. This dairy foodservice leader from New Zealand is consistently exciting its customers by sharing new ideas and ways of doing things, this time around enticing mood with some crazy creative construction promising a melange of delicious possibilities within sips of delights.

We are looking at texture and flavour to lift the mood and the whimsical profile of each beverages to create emotions on the tongue. Lemon Mint Meringue puts together rich lemon with a hint of refreshing mint and with the crushed and blended ice, is ready to quench your thirst. And what can never go wrong is the White Chocoffee when the blend of white coffee mix is put together with chocolate and peanut butter. While these already lightening the mood at the table, the Kaya-Nika Fusion beguiled me with their presentation before getting me hooked onto the delicious layers of sweet and creamy with traditional `kaya’, `gula melaka’, `pulut’ and red beans. This one is truly Malaysian and I must highlight that piece of toast piercing through creamy brim of the mason jar. It was ridiculously delicious eating the rich buttery toast with icy cold bites of actual lumps of pulut rice and red beans- this could be a dessert on its own.

Anchor Food Professionals Launches Moodmojee  (1) Here in Love Tea F&B, these mood settlers are priced at RM 12.90 each. First 100 customers can grab your stress ball with cute emoji for free!
Anchor Food Professionals Launches Moodmojee  (6) Anchor Food Professionals Launches Moodmojee  (5) Anchor Food Professionals Launches Moodmojee  (4)

The Moodmojee campaign will see Anchor Food Professionals partnering with fifteen food & beverage customers in both Peninsular and East Malaysia, where these creamy creations will be introduced in phases nationwide starting from November 2018 until January 2019. Expect to see this clogging the social media feed and these Mood Boosters are available in Selangor in Choon Guan Coffee Shop and Gafe Kafe. Other locations throughout Peninsular Malaysia include Love Tea F&B, Living Room (Johor), Cofeology Café & Restaurant (Malacca), Overstepped (Kedah), La Taste (Kedah & Penang), Lavish Fusion Bakery, HIVE by Love A Loaf (Penang), Family Confectionary and Baker’s Hut (Perak). In East Malaysia, you can sip and enjoy these beverages in Delight Factory, Chub’s Grill, Chiu’s Café, and Lucky Bean in Sabah.

Anchor Food Professionals Launches Moodmojee  (3)

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