With restaurants picking up global food trends and food merchants marketing gimmicks often taking precedence over real comfort soulful foods, I would be a colossal liar if I didn’t admit that I was wowed by some of those executions. And yet, there’s plenty of great cooks and chefs, and restaurateurs keeping a clear parallel when it comes to crafting a variant of good food and what is offered in the spirit of great dining, that is often being overlooked. Not exactly a new entry in the food scene, Me Familia in Kepong is quite the hidden gem, along with its incredible tastes is the friendly price tags. We’ve all had those months when payday can’t come quick enough. Whether it’s craving for pastas or pizzas, or meats and dessert cakes, what was served this visit won’t break the bank for its worth.

Linguine D’Mare was an opportunity for kitchen staffs to show how their considerable skills with pasta. It was absolutely on the button, not simply for the cuisson of the linguine, but for the brilliant addition of broccoli in the mixed seafood and the house special garlic sauce. While looking mediocre on the presentation, just bear in mind to focus on the flavor profile instead. Speaking of pasta, penne was equally great sitting next to the baked lamb shank, as it’s side, together with the underwhelming salad (thou I appreciate the effort to include some extra fibre sort). The combination maybe old fashion but this classic serving is soulfully perfect for full satisfaction on the palate. And as much banality as it is to have lamb shanks on the menu, I’ll make excuses to order this whenever feeling lamb shank. At the price tag of RM 32.90, and how the meat fall right off the bones with no effort, and no need for a knife even; I’ve neglected scrutiny on that salad. Meat and penne is covered with homemade vegetable sauce that comes loaded with tiny vegetable bites, and I like that very much. The tender meat chunk is about having time, patience and skill to bring and balance richness of the flavor combination to the fore. At the same time, pizza is most likely also a crowd pleaser whenever there is a group dining. We had the chef’s specialty, IL Familia Pizza (RM 32.50) and it is decent enough to be continuingly chomping slice by slice persistently.

A huge part of the dining experience is a wonderful dessert to end any meal – incredible food deserves an exquisite finishing, so as being recommended by the staff, we had their signature cake. Alcohol free with super rich mascarpone cheese and rich espresso dipped sponge fingers at yet another ridiculous pricing of RM 9.90 per slice. Every push and cutting with my utensil reveals with oozing espresso and creamy insanity it deserves a crown.




Linguine D’Mare (RM26.90)
Baked lamb shank (RM 32.90)
IL Familia Pizza (RM 32.50) choose with our without beef. this is a chef’s specialty pizza.
Classic tiramisu (RM 9.90) – Available in 1 kg and 2 kg size for RM 55 and RM110 respectively

Me Famiglia is located at:
C-G-16, Jalan Metro Perdana 3, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hour: 11am-3pm, 6pm-11pm; closed Tuesdays.
Tel: 03-6258-8442
GPS: 3.2160769,101.64461
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/mefamiglia

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  1. KYspeaks

    I was well in my late twenties before I realized that all these different pastas are made of the same exact ingredients… just shaped differently. I refuse to acknowledge them by shapes, they’ll always just be spaghetti, and the rests will always just be a series of copy-pastas

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