While there isn’t any world class mixologist, the cocktails on offer are made by some of the friendliest bartenders. These concoctions show up quickly even on such impromptu visit before their grand launch, served elegantly in pretty glassware and garnished simply with flowers and fruits.


Unlike the bare rustic and bright homestay spaces above it, Xiao8 (or xiao bar) is a snug, dark warren of comfy nooks for wooing, with a cutest imposing bar to sit at if you like some bartender chat with your drinks. Located at Jalan Kampung Pantai with unit number 8, and a numerical 8 as their official signage, 8 seats may or may not be a coincidence but one thing for sure it absolutely is the most creative and at the same time the cutest one.



You’ve got more fingers than they’ve got wines by the glass, only because this is a cocktail bar and for the love of spirits and gin, there’s tasting note for everything on the back bar, which might not arouse much interest in most Melaka drinker, but is quite handy for eclectic drinker. Menu switches accordingly to the availability of ingredients so that makes things real interesting, which is also why I wouldn’t elaborate much on the drinks because you probably wouldn’t get to order the same. But I can tell you that each cocktail costs RM 45. To keep it more interesting than ever, there is an open cart right outside the bar, rolling out small feed-curry fish balls.


There is an absolute contrast inside and outside of the bar (as well as the guest house above the bar) but whether it is the cosy inside or the rousing outdoor crowd, patrons will experience the friendliest hospitality by local Malacca folks.




Consider this a scavenger hunt of Melaka’s newly picked up trend of secret bars beautifully decorated or themed, regardless if this alcohol mixing art is actually being abused or not. I am just glad that I wasn’t served with test tubes or a tiki mug.

Whatever it is, hidden and themed bars are going to keep growing in this state and we have already seen one here that fits eight people located down a tiny laneway. I am waiting for one behind the closet, one behind the fridge door, one behind a bookshelf maybe, or perhaps one behind the lockers and just any without an actual facade or entrance. We are going to see more of that in 2019 cause that’s how the local folks like running business- like a herd of lambs, heading and doing what everyone else is doing. At least this one has got hidden treasure, an extremely rare one- whisky glass with 8 corners.



Xiao Bar (xiao8) is located at:
8 Jalan Kampung Pantai
75200 Melaka.
GPS: 2.196872,102.2500
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/xiaobar8


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