Hot pot is one of the most popular cuisines in Chinese culture, some even recorded to be dated as early as from the Qin dynasty but I really am not a gastronome but recognising my privilege on the internet made me realized the importance to send messages responsibly so I do read up quite a bit before posting anything on the blog or even on the social media. It may seem like a preference to have hotpots where cooler weather takes place, it is almost not possible for that to happen in tropical country like Malaysia. That didn’t stop the hotpot restaurants to bloom and multiple so very quickly as the trend warms up the stomach and have us prepping to voluntarily sweating copiously.


Hot pot is really great to go out with friends and family and eating together because there will be so much cooking together and lot’s of teaching and thoughts exchanged as the meal progresses. Here at the Jinxiu Longmen Hot Pot (锦绣龙门火锅), and like most other hotpot restaurants everywhere else and within the Sunway Velocity, is with the simmering soup of your choice in the middle of the table, and note that up to 2 types of soup broths can fit in one grand looking pot. This pot kinda did look similar at most of the other hot pot restaurant but that could be a trend sort because I never recall anything like such during my visit to China. But it is fantastic that we are getting a piece of Chengdu here in the building.





Signature Pork rib (RM 38) signature tender beef (RM 26), Fresh Duck Blood cake (RM 12), Lotus root slice (RM 8),Water Spinach (RM 6), Baby Corn (RM 6), Bean curd Roll (RM 20), canned beverage- Jia Duo Bao (RM 6)

Out of the variation of broth, we went with the classic spicy Szechuan, as well as the pork bone. This spicy soup is always the highlight and this one interestingly came in solid form and have everything turning into liquid in seconds once the pot is fired up. Beef tallow interestingly in a heart shape, with a lot of Chinese spices like chili peppercorn, dried chilli, goji, and a whole bunch of herbs and spice mix to create that complex flavour that is unique in hot pepper hot pot. The smaller ring of pork bone soup in the middle is best for vegetables if you like your meal with lots of vegetable and the flavor gets more intense as the meal progresses. And they are obviously absolutely not shy with what’s in the soup. Check out that huge bone in our soup. Each soup cost RM 36 each.

There isn’t a rule to eat your hotpot but it is usually the first thing before anything else, to pick a dipping sauce from the lineup of sauces mix. The traditional dipping sauce that is match with the spicy broth is often the sesame oil. So, I am guessing maybe that is also why I am hooked to this flavor profile, because I love sesame too. It’s terrible that they don’t serve like a house platter with everything that is to showcase as their signature, because that maybe just the right move to expose and encourage non-Chinese native to experience classic ingredients in hot pot cooking. That again, they have most of it in ala carte choices even though the menu really didn’t quite do a good job in telling you the portion size. Ask the service crew for advice- they are very friendly to provide the best of their hospitality.


And while the competition is tight with so many other hotpots within the same building, they each have their specialty. I thought this one needs a little fine touch up on the presentation if they want to step up their game. If you are looking at a guide of hot pot restaurants, read all about my hot pot experience with #sycookiesxhotpot  



Jinxiu Longmen Hot Pot (锦绣龙门火锅) is located at :
1st Floor, VO3A Shop 1-02, Sunway Visio,
Lingkaran SV, Sunway Velocity 55100.
Tel : 010-331 6166, 013-586 7777
Business Hour: Daily 10:30am–3am
GPS: 3.130421,101.72296


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  1. KYspeaks

    Cold weather is definitely the best for hot pot, I have great memories of having hot pot at Cameron Highland just last year, wished that they have mala version up there too, but there’s also always Genting, kan?

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