Mala hot pot, otherwise also known as the China hotpot is my absolute next favourite of spicy food, after Korean spicy dishes of course. Plus, it’s one thing about the dishes, it is another about togetherness when it comes to eating. Hot pot meals are usually a lot more fun when eating with a whole bunch of your favourite people. And if they love hot pot, you hit the jackpot- I had this one with Clever Munkey as a post celebration for his birthday. With the many selections of China Hot Pot restaurants in Sunway Velocity, this one was the few earlier ones with charges of payment from weighing the skewer sticks. So instead of the usual grand and extravagant looking pot filled with lots of luscious red oil with dry with the ingredients nicely assembled to merge with the broth to give us what essentially is the ultimate essence of this sweat worthy meal, things are a lot more casual here with the flexibility to pick our own ingredients. I’d say it is a lot more enjoyable being able to estimate the serving size, instead of ordering the items and risking them serving in a large (extravagant) portion.

This spicy hot pot meal with Szechuan pepper as the main ingredient for the distinct hot pot spicy kick is usually a mix of heavenly spiced broth and super-spiced oil, and it is part of the fundamental of the history of this food that transcends time, space, geography, demographic and even sociocultural compositions. It is usually a bigger part in hot pot except this one didn’t quite stand out too much probably because the limelight will be the visual availability of extreme range of offal and entrails assortments at where you are picking your skewers. I didn’t enjoy the lack of vegetables and plants, but I do like the fact that diners are able to see the selections of the “menu”.

This particular brand isn’t as exquisitely emphasized on the glam and extravagant, when compared to those internationally renowned chain like Xiao Long Kan or Hai Di Lao. But is offering the similar basic formula- mala Szechuan hot pepper soup and very fresh ingredients to be cooked, with a twist that most of the ingredients are nicely skewered. One thing for sure, prices of these meals regardless if it is at your renown chain or not, is not the kind that is wallet friendly. Soup alone costs about RM40. It is funny how ancient travellers is said to start boiling meats in communal pots to stretch their limited budgets as far as possible but today we seemed to indulge and splurge in the similar concept.

We did some extreme exotic ingredients like duck blood and pig’s brain and things ordered in plates are priced differently but is all stated on display so you get what you see and you pay for what you take.

Hot pot lovers, here’s a list of other hot pot places that I’ve blogged. Follow or look for #sycookiesxhotpot on any social media. I tried my best to remember tagging my postings on social medias.

Chuan Chuan Xiang 两三事小郡肝串串香火锅 is located at:
VO3-3A-6, Sunway Velocity,
Lingkaran SV, Maluri,
55100 Selangor
GPS: 3.127852, 101.725303
Tel: 018-771 6999

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