Local market is best place to learn about local food!

Time spent in Yogyakarta was a happy collision between the timeless and the right-now. And spending the days in Yogyakarta learning about the country through culinary is one of the best way to experience the city. One of the memorable food is none other than the dishes made from our cooking classes. Made Mie Jawa Goreng during our recent visit to Yogyakarta while we checked in village homestay at the Balkondes Ngadihardjo. Getting a taste of what the locals have was made interesting when the organizers took us to the local market and have us buying the ingredients for Mie Jawa. I had plenty of fun with Tourism Indonesia and other medias/influencers from Malaysia, and cooking was crazy chaos with lots of noises and laughter.

Food markets are best when it comes to understanding the local culture. It is always a bustling and a great cultural insight that is packed with atmosphere. Very often we get to see what the locals do, and it is the real world to see what and how the locals eat. Except we arrived slightly later and the market is near closing time. But we still get to practice the language and it was of course fun and amazing to see how much gets across with signs and facial expressions.

We had plenty of help from our mentor (the local mums) but we rock our version of this traditional noodle, naming it Mee Jawa Fashionista Diva! The name signifies simple noodle having its character on the edge of trendiness yet beautifully representing the glam of a diva- an exact interpretation Yogyakarta, of what might have appeared mundane at first glance and yet is charmingly attractive once you get to know it.

Cooking lesson begins! 

I present to you… Mie Jawa Fashionista Diva!

We actually have guest and staffs from Tourism Indonesia judging our cooking and it was all fun and much filled with laughter and abundance of joy. It was a great reminder of blessings and I supposed all of us would look back and smile especially if we ever be cooking this again. 

Big thanks and shout out to Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Indonesia and Multiguna Group for organising the class! 

We had this cooking class at where we checked in and  if anyone is keen with the village homestay, read about my village homestay experience HERE

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