MyCookieDough at Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur

We’ve seen this gone berserk and viral on the gram last two years and it’s finally now here in Malaysia! Wait no more because this sweet, gooey indulgence of a range of deliciously warmed cookie dough treats that is smothered with incredibly delicious choices of toppings, and then coupled with tower of icy soft serve swirl, is ready to give you that promise of happiness on the palate if not on the gram. Don’t forget a promise of smiles and satisfaction because this dessert is made upon order, with the cookie dough is perfectly gooey on the inside being still warm and comforting, but slightly crispy outside with a great balance of moist and crust.

From UK to Malaysia and being the first in Asia, MyCookieDough is now freshly baking at Pavilion Mall. Although currently serving a handful and not all the available flavor, it is exciting to know that menus will rotate and we will eventually be able to taste the clever invention of baked cookie dough treats. There is something about cookie dough that is just so appealing. Requiring a spoon to dig in for this one, the textures and yummy toppings going side by side is gloriously happiness when endorphins and dopamine releases side by side- its like your surrounding slows down when everything is in your mouth.

Best for me is the Lotus biscoff cookie dough (RM 12.90) with lotus biscoff spread, and lotus biscoff crumbs. I asked for this to be drizzled with chocolate just to have a tact of bitterness from the chocolate and when putting the warm from cookie dough and cold from vanilla soft serve swirl, is the kind of dessert anyone would contemplate for a long time when deciding to eat it and succumb to saying yes at any time.

Also tried the stacks (RM 15.90) for double indulgence and pistachio topping but whatever the choices of flavor, it is absolutely a different experience of cookie treating. The stacks would come with double swirl of soft serve for a double treat and on special occasion, give yourself the third treat- Dough Shakes (RM 10.90). The cookie doughs are obviously the star of the show but the range of milkshakes with doughy twist is slightly a little different to the norm but promisingly filling and great for in between meals.

First outlet of MyCookieDough is located at:

Level 1 ( near Mercato Supermarket, beside Llao Llao)

168, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala

Instagram: @mycookiedough.malaysia

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