Despite the name of the restaurant, this place also serves lots of other dishes. In fact, I find the menu a little weird. Upon arriving, a waitress seats us. And if I must say, the place is stuffy and hot yet to my surprise was pack with people. When asked what to order, I looked around and I see two stalls; a chicken rice stall and a wantan mee stall.

Well, it said Yat Yeh Hing steam chicken rice. So we went ahead with a two person’s portion.

The chicken was really not all that geat. I must be really blunt on this, as I really thought that it was rather ordinary. Slightly a little overcooked, as the chicken has lost all juices. Did not meet the correct tender level, and was a little leathery. Well, at least the oyster and soya sauce still managed to give a little taste to the chicken.

Beans sprout was also ordinary. Good enough to fulfill hunger, definitely not good enough to be recommended. Even the rice was nothing compared to most chicken rice stalls.

However, the soup was pretty good and it’s free flow. Self service for the soup and I must say it’s not bad.

You can see the ingredient and they are not stingy with the ABC soup.

And before I forget, I must not only compliment the soup but also, their incredibly huge modesty. When asked for a little extra chili sauce, waitress told us that we were not allowed. It was because they sell their chili sauces too. You want extra chili sauce, you’ve got to pay for it. I was like “what?…”

Then we saw what else was served in the restaurant. There were quite a fair bit of varieties, as written on the menu on the wall. I ordered sweet and sour crab and fried bread to go with it. In less than 15 minutes, our crabs were served.

Sweet and sour crab came complete with pliers and I wondered where my fried bread is? In another 10 minutes, our bread arrived and it looked nothing like the menu. It was steamed. Rather disappointed, because we were charged for that. Menu showing complete crab and bread, but the staffs were not sure of it themselves. We paid anyway. It was palatable, so I have no comment on this. Not to mention we finally got our extra chili sauce spontaneously after we ordered the crab. How is that relevant? I don’t know…I’m assuming readers would know.

Pau lookalike bread wasn’t that bad when dipping into sweet and sour sauce from the crab.

In contrary to that, the crab was however hideous. Completely off and I really don’t think they should be serving that. Ever…! And I will never eat that again. Not even if I’m being paid to do so.

Good thing there is one dish that is worth recommending to resident within 1km radius. Anyone further than this distance should just eat anywhere else and don’t bother coming all the way just for this. Cause you easily get similar satisfaction anywhere else.

The char siew was finely honey-glazed and luscious. Besides, other shops normally sliced the char siew so thin you can see through the meats. Here, they are very generous with the char siew. If you have to eat here, this is what you should order.

It comes with standard dumpling soup because it wouldn’t be wanton noodle if they don’t serve dumpling at all.

Having said all that, their incredibly huge modesty was yet again presented right after I paid and before I left. It was said that the owner would sell their chicken in whole for an offered price of 48rm each. I thought to myself, what? Offered price? Um…so I’m paid that price to take the chicken with me or am I paying for it? Either way they can keep it.

If anyone is still interested to pay a visit, the restaurant is located near the Kelana Jaya LRT station.

Latitude = 3.11476

Longitude = 101.59855

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