Kheng’s a home for all good times” is the tag line for Kheng’s Kopitiam. When I stepped into the café, I was mesmerized with the semi-traditional interior. I guess this has been one of the trends since the past few years. In another words, you pay a little more for common coffee shop menu and enjoy relaxing ambient while you savour your kopi-o, or roti bakar. Here, they serve very common homemade style menu. Also, you will see the owner helping out, and talking to neighborhood customers. The kids would be reading ‘lou fu chi’ comics and parents would be chit-chatting while having meals here. This time, I was assigned to pick my little niece from art class around the neighborhood.  So I decided to kill two birds with a stone and take her there for her favourite French toast.

You may think that there is no big deal with French toasts but to my surprise, every other kid orders the same thing. Most probably because it comes with unlimited honey to go with it. I only took one bite from my niece because that little devil was really reluctant to even give me that one little bite.  The French toast was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.  They use fresh bread (when home cooked, is often overnight bread from the fridge) and lots of sugar in the egg. Sweet and delicious, but you might want to watch the oil because in order to have those crisps, they’ll need to fry in lots of oil to achieve that.

Now, move on to their famous dishes. The owner recommended the Nasi Lemak. It was no biggie really. But it was sufficiently satisfying to fulfill customers from the neighborhood. I like the sambal a lot. Somewhat similar to my mother’s, so I am guessing their recipe comes from Masakan Peranakan too.

I also ordered their mee soup. Like I said, they serve very coffee shop style menu. This one was definitely so much better than many hawker stalls in KL. So if you like nice hawker style food, but dislike the stuffy shops (most are pretty hot and stuffy), and don’t mind paying over priced hawker food, then this is a great place.

Something very interesting captured my attention from the menu and I had to order it. The chicken porridge. Let me tell you, they cook the porridge with spring onion, egg, shredded chicken, and fried onion. Doesn’t look very appealing, but it was delicious.

Since this is a coffee shop, they have my favourite cendol too. With no hesitation, I ordered a bowl. Many have the idea that fancy shops are impossible reminiscing traditional flavor. However, kheng’s kopitiam manage to do so.

Oh, and let’s not forget the beverages. Standard coffee shop beverages are being served here. Kopi ais, barley,and teh tarik was the choice for the day. It was alright. In general, this is a very neighborhood friendly shop and you would definitely find something you like from the menu.

They are located in Kota Kemuning and Banting. Do pay a visit when you are around the neighbourhood.


No. 24, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla M31/M

Kota Kemuning Section 31,

40460 Shah Alam,Selangor


Banting branch

No. 41, Jalan Cermerlang 4,

Banting Business Centre,

42700 Banting Selangor



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  1. Anonymous

    Service can be slow as the staffs taking orders some times tend to stay inside the shop, leaving customer sitting in the outer section of the shop waiting ….. and even then when you tried to get their attention, they seems not to have heard you!!

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