Last year, I had the opportunity to travel to Sekinchan and had this amazing seafood dishes that is so fresh and rare. It was a trip worth visiting for the sight were amazingly breathtaking. Thank the photographer of the trip Jack, for taking such beautiful photos.


Upon arriving to the open spaced restaurant, we were greeted by very friendly staffs and people are really nice there. It was a relaxing and peaceful dining experience, especially when seated next to sea.

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6.Picture st 021
8.Picture st 019
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9.Picture st 017

I saw some of the locals drying the fishes and I did enjoy the infrequent sight as well.

10.Picture st 030
11.Picture st 031

Next, the main attraction which I find it fascinating is the fried porridge. Yup, it was the first time I had this and I thought this dish is really brilliant. It changes the conventional porridge. This one has got the wok fragrant, and I am guessing the chef fried plain porridge with some other ingredients into making it so impressively delicious.

12.fried porridge @  restaurant kuala selangor latitude = 3.34896, longitude = 101.25107

So the main attraction here is supposedly the fresh seafood, so the steam fish in salted vege (Teochew style) and the fried mantis prawn was delectable. The prawn was tantalizingly tangy and appetizing.

13.steam fish in salted vege @ restaurant kuala selangor latitude = 3.34896, longitude = 101.25107
14.fried mantis prawn @ restaurant kuala selangor latitude = 3.34896, longitude = 101.25107

Finally, do try the fried mushroom with dried shrimp. It was a heavenly amazing combination of soft mushrooms and crispy fried shrimp.

15.fried mushroom with dried shrimp @ restaurant kuala selangor, latitude = 3.34896, longitude = 101.25107

Restaurant Fresh Seafood is located in Sekinchan and you can locate it with GPS at longitude:101.25107 and Latitude :3.34896

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The meal was great and pleasant, and the scenery is beautiful. I love it very much, but I don’t think the food is all that worthwhile to be driving all the way there. But if I ever passes through that area again, I would definitely go back there.

Love, sycookies

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