Remember my food voyage in Melaka two months back? Well here is one of the enthralling food I will always love. The Capitol Stay Celup. Basically skewers of wide array of raw and semi cooked meats, vegetables, processed meats, fish balls, meat balls, sausages, quill eggs, chicken eggs, and the list goes on and on. I don’t quite recall the origin of satay celup whether from Penang or Melaka. Anyway in Melaka, there is this famous Satay celup which is even listed in Trip Advisor’s site . Here, every stick are priced at Rm 0.80 flat and you have things like some cucumber an white bread to accompany. The table is made in a way where there is a whole right in the middle for the gas so each pot of satay sauce is constantly boiling throughout the entire meal.


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2.dec food 305


You should know that in Capitol, every table is given a new pot of satay sauce and they are also generous with the peanuts. Before we start, the waitress stirred in some spices and a thick scoop of grounded peanut into the thick chili gravy sauce. The aroma and fragrant of the sauce was astonishing.


3.dec food 297
4.dec food 298


The skewers were neatly arranged in one corner of the shop, and we get to pick our liking and we are only charged with what’s consume. At the end of the meal, the sticks were calculated and since it’s a flat price for all, calculation wasn’t that hard or complicated.


5.dec food 267
6.dec food 266
7.dec food 304


So let’s see what we have here.


14.dec food 291
15.dec food 288
16.dec food 303


One little advice to all intending to visit this restaurant, make sure you don’t go with an empty stomach. Why did I say that? Let’s take a look at the queue shall we?




Enough said huh?


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Capitol Satay Celup is located at :
41, Lorong Bukit Cina,
Tel: 06-2835508


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