Oriental Hee Kiaw noodle , one of the best in Melaka and probably for the last three decades or so. Here, they only serve noodles. There are all sorts of noodles from range of beehoon, kuey tiao, and yellow mee. We can choose from any of these choices to be cooked in either dry soy sauce or soup. Noodles will come in fish balls, char siew slices, and fish cake slices. It is somewhat ordinary looking, but the soup base is amazingly unique. It doesn’t taste like chicken stock, nor does it taste like anchovies stock. They use beans sprout instead of leave vegetables like most common fish ball noodles.




Another great selling point here is their fish ball. It can probably bounce like a ping pong ball. Also, their char siew slices are generously thick. And you need not worry if there will be scorched char siew because there is no honey or sugar coat.




The shop is an old coffee shop run by two families. Both brothers, one serving drinks where else the other makes the noodles. The shop is very averagely located along Heritage Road. It is not very strategic for there is very limited parking space. Despite that, the local customers somehow are able to find their way there for a bowl of noodle.


4. oriental


The ingredients are the same so it is only a personal preference of noodle type, and whether you like it dry, or soup.




The shop is located on the GPS at latitude= 2.20294 and longitude = 102.24419.


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Each bowl of noodle cost Rm 3.30 each. With the generous amount of fish balls and meat slices, it was pretty darn cheap.


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