My usual makan kaki on the weekends, or any other day when we both decided not to go work is a dear friend of mine but this is the first time I introduce him in my blog. I definitely thank him very much for taking me to this amazing Hong Kong BBQ Goose & Duck. So I don’t have to wait till I go back to Hong Kong for goose. Juwin is not so much of a food enthusiast but there is a selective few that he personally adores, with this being one of them. Now apparently this place is really famous with many good reviews already published by local bloggers as well as the local papers. Located near Jalan Pasar, this stall doesn’t even have a proper address. The stall is located at the corner of Lorong Yap Hin, and the dining ambience wasn’t pleasant to the eyes. However, it all changes with the first bite of the succulently roasted goose meat. Goose meat taste really similar to that of duck. Only juicier and a whole lot more succulently tasty. Especially with a dip in the sauce.


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The goose tight and roasted pork is worth anyone going once a month. Juwin has it every Sunday it seems.




Served with rice, that tasted a little bit like chicken rice. Except it lack a little fragrant of garlic compared to that of a good Chicken rice . Juwin and I also ordered some vegetable the Kai Choy (sour Chinese Mustard). The Kay Choi was perfectly appetizingly sour and the leaves braised till its soft and almost close to mushy giving the right texture to this dish.


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There is either the soup of the day, or the succulent and bouncy meat ball soup. It’s good that Juwin was with me because the portion is nicely sufficient for a normal serving. Just that myself eats like a cat. I didn’t find the meatball any bit intriguing.


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Now if you are the very picky type, especially with hygiene then you’ve got to try and overcome this. The stall is just a very basic stall with a few tables and chairs. Do take a peep at the handsome chef whom is so neat and cleanly dressed. You would feel so much better and at ease when eating here. Note to readers, I am fine after the meal. No tummy ache, no vomiting, no food poisoning. In fact, it is now my top 20 favourite hawker food.


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On special occasions like Christmas and Thanksgiving, you can order roast Turkey. All you have to do is give them a call, and pick it up from the stall.
Now that is a huge Turkey.


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Chen Chen Hong Kong Goose, Duck, Chicken is located at :
Jalan Seladang, Off Lorong Yap Hin, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 012 233 3083
Business Hour : 9am-6pm

It’s a corner stall, and if you have difficulty locating with the address, try locating it with the GPS at coordinate Latitude: 3.1349, Longitude: 101.7156. Please note that this is an approximate GPS location with my phone, because I didn’t have my Karen (Garmin) with me.

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