Every place has got their signature food or specialties. Apart from satay, I was told that Kajang is also rather famous with this hot soup that has main spices like ginger and pepper. I visited this place known as the Fatty hot and spicy soup, a business run by a family since the mid 90’s. Their main ingredients is none other than Chinese favourite, ie. pork. There is a whole lot of pork meat from different parts, or choices like the pork’s internal organs (kidney, liver, stomach), and mushrooms or pork balls.


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The soup was really spicy, not like chili spicy, but more like hot and burning sensation from the loaded pepper and ginger. But the soup was exciting with the great amount of pork meats in the claypot. The use of claypot just top the hot and burning sensation with more heat and temperature increase. Do note that the restaurant is located somewhat outdoor right next to some temple. So that really adds on to the heat on a hot day.


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The main thing here is the soup, but they have got other stuffs like the braised pork and braised pork intestine. There are vegetables as well and people normally eat it with white rice.


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The braised pork intestine was lovely. If you like the chewy texture, you’ll love this. But if you’ve got issue with the taste of pork intestine then you probably would just want to stick to the hot and spicy soup. The thick pepper and ginger somewhat empowers the taste from the intestine. And because this place is mostly almost really hot most of the time, given such hot soup that is burning spicy, tea is their best beverage to order to get the temperature down. Ask for ice if you dislike hot tea.


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Now this place may seem really horrible with no proper shop and table layout, but they have been around for many years and they have gained their recognition from the locals. People do travel all the way there to try their soup.


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Fatty Hot and Spicy soup is located at :
Jalan 17
Sungai chua
Tel: 0122140727 /0122616338

To see location on the map, use this link


The place is close on every Monday except public holiday and they are open from 8am to 2.00 pm only. Check out more photos and updates in Foodeverywhere’s Facebook page


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