Best known for their signature International buffet, Terazza Brasserie in Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel (formerly Sheraton Subang Hotel) is now serving Brunch from 11.30am -430pm. For Rm 68 per person, you’ll get great choices of varieties ranging from fusion of Asian, Western and European. Indeed an international selection of authentically ambrosial choices with a greater sway towards Malaysian culture if you ask me. First of all the warm and neat layout is very welcoming. Plus, there is a choice of either the relaxing indoor or the breezy outdoor where dinners can enjoy darling landscaped view of perfect lawn.


1.Picture 152


Starting on with starters of soups and salads, I must say that I enjoy their fresh seafood as well as the top quality of ingredients in their dishes. Simple starters like the soup came in choices of clear or creamy soup. I was kind of looking forward to something a bit more intriguing like potage or the bisque, but they were serving lovely Chicken soup as well as the Pumpkin soup, accompanied by optional light wheat bread.




Moving on to the assorted Seafood salads and I must give them some credit by insisting on the best and upmost fresh array of seafood ranging from mussels, prawns and squids. All served as cold dishes; I enjoyed the Pasta salad which has barely mild flavor for the chef is cleverly bringing the flavor from the seafood itself without disrupting the natural savor from the fresh seafood.


3.pasta salad (2)


The rest of the Seafood salad were slightly stirred before chilled and served as salad left me with some similar impression of that from the pasta salad. Although I must admit that it’s the long bean salad was my first of its kind.


4.seafood salad


Then there is this Basil pesto melon and ham salad which I thought was brilliantly peculiar in a rather exhilarating manner. It is somewhat hard to describe this mainly thanks to the strong fragrant probably from pesto.


5.basil pesto melon and ham salad


Other choices include the Fish salad and Chicken salad. Both are a little tangy and solid in the texture. Having said that, nothing can be more solid than the Lamb salad, which was similarly tangy. and chicken salad
7.lamb salad


If you like your idea of salad being all fruity or leafy, then check out the Green salad condiments. There is beet root, black olive, carrot, stuff olive, gherkin, young corn, mix capsicum and so much more, along with a wide array of salad sauce you can think of. On the other hand if it is too much of a hassle to have to come out with the best salad, let’s just head on to the Apple salad. There is red and green apple, nicely cubed and tossed with mayonnaise with some olive, sprinkled with grounded peanuts. salad condiments..beet root, black olive, carrot, stuff olive, gerkin, young corn, mix capsicum salad


Other than that, get tantalized with some tangy Orange fruit salad which is really brilliant for those not liking solid salad with lots of meat or seafood in it. salad


Now the salads don’t just stop there, after all it is international buffet. So I was astonished when I see this section serving Chinese cold salad.


11.chinese cold salad


After all that, I finally get to come to the savory dishes and trust me, you might want to just go easy with all the dishes because there were so much choices and I must say, they are very much accustomed to the local flavor. Even the international flavors were also some dishes which is familiar to the locals. Don’t expect any exotic dishes like the Balut or horse meat. Starting with the Butter rice and the chicken briyani, I love the fragrant of the briyani chicken although the rice lack a bit of fragrant.
12.chicken briyani and butter rice
The chef did put in effort to bring as much variety as possible so we get Mustard brushed rib eye steak, and Black pepper lamb. I adore the black pepper lamb although I have never been a big fan of black pepper. But the amount of black pepper compliments really well with distinguishable smell that comes in lamb, which normally comes from volatile fatty acids that has been eliminated.
To those not favorable to mutton or beef, the scrumptious chicken menu will make you very happy. There is the Harissa marinated baby chicken with Roasted nutmeg potato, or you can simple head to the Roasted Chicken. You be served by their friendly staffs and it’s your call to your favourite part of the chicken.


14.chicken and potato
15.roasted chicken @grand dorsett (2)


There is also some selection of seafood, theSweet and sour fish and Sweet kompo which I didn’t enjoy much given how it wasn’t done properly with very heated wok. Freshness is definitely their strong asset but it does lack a bit of flavor. Also, I thought the fish has got some really thick coating, making it uninteresting when not served hot. Good thing is, each dishes were served and preserved at the correct temperature. That is something that impresses me. and kompo


Since this is international buffet, Prendiamo un pizza? Or some Greek menu? There is choices of Pizzas as well as the Seafood Moussaka, which I adore very much, especially with the effort from the staffs in maintaining the temperature of the dish. I love the amount of cottage cheese. peperoni, chicken @grand dorsett (72)
18.seafood moussaka@grand dorsett (23)


There is also a taste of some local delights like the Lok lok counter which you would find intriguing when you see the proper lay out of the skewers with ice all over to ensure absolute freshness for dinners. Not only that, there is almost all types of sauce selection from garlic to sweet bean, peanut to green chili bean, and the Vietnamese spicy to the Terazza special. Enjoy and indulge in the fun and delicious Steamboat with all those skewers in either the Tom Yum flavor or Chicken flavor soup.


19.lok lok counter (1)
20.lok lok
21.sauce selection , garlic, sweet bean, peanut, green chili bean, vietnamese spicy, terazza special, steamboat.
22.tom yum flavor ,chicken flavor


Or, have some fun with the Ipoh Kuey Tiao soup with beautiful and fresh raw ingredients chopped or finely prepared in a five star manner.


23. kuey tiao


Because this Brunch Buffet is being served from 11.30am-4.30 pm, that would mean that some of us would still like to have a bit of breakfast and Terazza Brasserie has carefully thought about this as well. I think that is why there is this section where you’ll see some fresh bread, toasters, and some simple sandwich ingredients. Make your own sandwich with tuna, chicken, turkey ham, cheese, egg, cucumber slices, fresh lettuce, tomato slices and even some mayonnaise and cream cheese. I thought it was really brilliant to have included that as part of the buffet choices.


24.create your own sandwiches, tuna, chicken, turkey ham, cheese , egg


Typical Chinese breakfast would be served as Seafood Dimsum here. Once again, it is important to have dimsums served hot at all time. Hence the steaming basket.Don’t expect any Char Siew pau for the buffet is served Halal


25. dimsum


Lastly, let’s get to my favourite part in all cuisine. Be prepared to be overwhelmed with the desserts from the buffet. Starting with cakes, to puddings, cream brulee to fruits, you name it, they’ve got it.


The Sacher cake and the Apple walnut were served as a whole but nicely sliced so dinners may take their desired slices. The Sacher cake was amazingly done so perfectly creamy with fine quality tempered chocolate. Complimented with fresh strawberries and raspberries both tangy sweet and bitter sweet won’t get anyone stop at one slice.


26. sacher and apple walnut


Almond berry cake and the Almond cheese cake got me feeling so sinfully wrong to fighting with my own decisions on which to have. Both so rich with fragrant from almond nuts, and the almond cheese cake has this lovely texture that is so soft and smooth upon entering your mouth. Not to forget it has this scrumptious crunch layer on top of the slices.


27.almond berry cake
28.almond cheese cake@grand dorsett (1)


The Bread butter pudding wasn’t the best I have had, but the exquisite texture with somewhat milky fragrant of slight crumb on top and soft on the inside. As for the Cream caramel pudding, caramel lover would feel like you are in love for the caramel was so perfectly done with such a fantastic fragrant. It wasn’t dulcified, so that allows us to enjoy the pudding.


29. pudding


There is this Honey dew pudding which I thought was really brilliant for I am a big fan of honey dew. Natural sweetness from the fruit, with no artificial flavouring got the pudding tasted really refreshingly sweet and delectable. In contrary, the Cheese cake was insanely luscious with rich cream cheese.
30. pudding and cheese cake
Plum Jalouise got me reminiscing London, and it has indeed been awhile seeing this being served anywhere else. Also, it is not easy getting this in café or bakery shops. This puff pastry dessert with plum and almond frangipane features a wonderful buttery aroma from top layer of pastry with a bit of tangy and sweet flavor from the plum fruit itself. And speaking of fruits, there is an assortment of fruits variety, nicely sliced and managed into convenient bite sizes.


32.Picture 196


What I love most is the Coffee cream brulee, and children would probably be exciting over the Ice cream tub with up to eight flavours to choose. Note the ice cream is nicely scooped so kids would probably be very happy with the convenience sorted out for them. Adults might not be a fan of ice cream but there is some Chilled honey sago with ice cream. cream brulee
34. ice cream


Terazza Brasserie serves a thoughtful and passionate buffet and because the dinning hours were stretched all the way till 4.30pm. This allows family to spend quality time throughout the meal, whilst enjoying perfect diversity of desserts. Apart from cakes and puddings, local assorted cakes were also featured. From nyonya kuih, to karipap and DIY ice kacang. I also love the feature of Malaysian street snack, like the goreng pisang and goreng keledek.


35. kuih
36.@grand dorsett (40)


Lastly, finish off the lovely afternoon with some nice Hot tea that I like, or coffee which would be gladly refilled by very warm and friendly staff.


37.@grand dorsett (73)


Head on to the Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel for a lovely brunch at only Rm 68 per person and I had a great time to be given this opportunity to review this thanks to FOOD! and Terazza Brasserie at the Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel.


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Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel is located at :
Jalan SS12/1,
47500 Subang Jaya,

Tel: +603-5031 6060 (for reservation)

Locate with GPS Coordinates : N03 04.755′ E101 35.808′
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