My sister recently returned from Shanghai and got me some of these interesting tea snacks, which I would like to share with more readers. The Chinese have always been fascinating when it comes to choices of desserts or sweet cake. Take the moon cake for example. It is probably one of the tastiest delicacies I enjoy very much especially when complimenting it with some very fine tea. So what I have with me is some improvised version of moon cake lookalike, except the skin is slightly different form that of a moon cake. I like the traditional moon cake very much but I also find this one rather intriguing. I have a box with six different flavours, all with similar texture. There is the Green tea, red bean, sesame, chocolate, yam and green bean paste.
shangai pineap tart (9)
pine apple2
shangai pineap tart (4)
I also like this flat pineapple cake that tasted similar to nyonya pineapple tarts but this one is sweeter, making it a perfect tea break during mid day.
pine apple
shanghai pineapple tarts
shanghai pineapple tarts (3)


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All these cost about Rm 80 so I wouldn’t say that it is very cheap. But I suppose it made great souvenir.
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