Yong tau foo normally goes with chee cheong fan in sweet sauce, chili sauce, or curry. In Ampang yong tau foo, these stuffed fish paste delicacy is eaten with white rice. Some place sells it with noodles too. In Melaka, there is one that has been selling for generations. Known as “Ah Cheng Yong Tau Foo” by the locals, this family business has been around somewhere near some run down cinema. Sometime ago, they have moved to a nicer shop with air conditioned, thank god for that.


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There weren’t many choices to begin with, but people come for their home made fish paste and fish balls. There varieties were not very attractively different or creative from the rest of the similar. But the simplicity in authentic recipe is what’s charming and deliciously attractive. Like every noodle shop, the noodles come in either dry or soup. I ordered both dry of yellow mee and kuey tiao and I LOVE the kuey tiao. No confusion with hor fun what so ever so the texture wasn’t soft and chewy smooth. The solid texture was amazing with simple soy sauce garnished with sprinkled fried shallot, chopped spring onion, and the crunchy fried lardons.




The noodles are served in a mini portion because customers normally add on many ingredients. I added some vegetables, fried eggplant, and some fried ‘’tau kee’’.


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tau kee


The fried tau kee here are really famous and I can see why. It is served fresh and deep fried only upon ordered. So sometimes customers might have to wait a little bit because they do not fry in bulk to ensure no customers get any soggy ones. It is always crispy on the outside and juicy from the plump fish paste inside. Same goes with the eggplant, rich and big amount of fish paste inside. Everything is really fresh and when picking for the ingredients, take note how only very little is available. However, refilling rate is rather high.


tau kua
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If order only the noodle, it would be served with some soup so for those not too fancy with fish balls or yong tau foo, just order plain noodle but order a large portion.


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The noodles were really delicious, and they keep the ingredients so simple and authentic. Yong tau foo are best eaten with some sweet sauce and the chili sauce.


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Restaurant Bee Bee Hiong is located at:
27/27-1, Jalan BPM 14,
Taman Bukit Piatu Mutiara,
75150 Melaka


WithRm 20 and below, all three of us were very satisfied with the food. Next time I return, I must go back for more.


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