Vegetarian food is some fascinating recipe and what more are fascinating would be the vegetarian ingredients. These processed flours were so well done sometimes one couldn’t tell if it is real meat or not. In Shiang Hai vegetarian restaurant, the chef recommended dish is the sushi rolls. There is a wide variation of sushi and I picked Mango sushi and the Lettuce sushi. The texture of the ingredients rolled inside was very similar to actual sushi. One actually tasted like real ham. The mango sushi…..*inhales….* was breathtaking. Better than most fusion sushi.


There are many ala carte dishes, of Noodles and even Steak. The Black pepper steak definitely has the texture of medium raw steak, but the flavor roams away and that isn’t anything like the real steak. But yet again, it is a vegetarian steak. One that is great. Also, the Siang Hai noodle was great thanks to the many bean sprout in the noodle. It tasted really refreshing. Another fabulous noodle is the Yam Mifen (yam bee hoon) .


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This restaurant has many choices of vegetarian dishes from fish, to tofu, to seafood and vegetables. So the difference of vegetarian and non vegetarian stir fried vegetables is that the vegetarian veg will not have garlic. Try the Ginger fish and the Tempura, as well as the fried broccoli. Pumpkin lovers would be real happy to have the Fried pumpkin and the Butter pumpkin. Butter pumpkin has tofu as main ingredient with thick gravy. Be prepared to converse in Mandarin or at least Cantonese because all the staffs are mandarin speaking. However, worry not as the menu is written in English and it comes with illustrations as well.


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There is option of white or brown rice and varieties of quality Chinese tea to choose from.
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Shiang Hai Vegetarian Restaurant is located at:
32A, Ground Floor, Jalan PJS 8/2,
Mentari Plaza, 46160 Sunway Mentari
(Opposite Sunway Pyramid) Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-5621 1016 / 03-5621 1017
Fax : 03-5621 1016


You can locate it with GPS at Longitude:101°36′ 53″Latitude :3°4′ 49″. To see location on the map, use this link. Total bill is RM 140 and I highly recommend the mango sushi.


Love, sycookies



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