Once again, In-room dining gave me a delectable memory during the stay at the Charles De Gaulle Airport Hilton hotel. Honestly, being in Malaysia can be one of the most contradicting experiences when it comes to food. Most European hotels tend to not serve rice, and pastas and steaks are probably few common dishes on the menu. Others would be burgers or pizzas. This time around, any hungry person could go for a Cheese Burger.


1.cheeseburger. sald n french fries (5)


The cheese burger came with salad and fries, as well as sauces like ketchup and mustard. Also complimenting the burger were pickle pieces by the side which I thought was beautifully brilliant to be serving as garnishes as some would prefer cheese burgers without pickles.


2.cheeseburger. sald n french fries (6)


What makes a good cheese burger is definitely the patty. But unfortunately, it was a little overcooked resulting in the texture being a little hard and though. However, I did enjoy the fries a lot.


3.cheeseburger. sald n french fries (4)


And let’s not forget the amazing bread with sesame as well s the thick tomato slices that were artistically placed together with onion rings.


4.cheeseburger. sald n french fries


I have not tried anything else from the menu, but this alone was good enough to leave an impression. I would say I recommend this if anyone asks.



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Hilton Charles De Gaulle Airport
Roissypole, Rue de Rome,
BP16461, Roissy,
France 95708
Tel: 33-14919-777
Fax: 33-1-4919-7778


Order this the next time you are here for that succulent patty so amazingly done. Also note that the free shuttle is just 5 minutes from the airport. And need not worry if it would be too noisy, the night was pretty peaceful and anyone would be able to rest well.
Love, sycookies



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  1. CleverMunkey

    wahhh so nice that u can actually stay there… the burger looks good tho and yeah i do agree some would prefer to not have pickle on their cheeseburger but i don’t mind. Maybe one day rice will be listed in all the international hotel room service menu la 🙂

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