Some meet up with some old friend can be really warm and lovely especially knowing how we would be having some great food. Here in Ulu Yam, we have popular seafood restaurant well known for their crab dishes. Unfortunately, some of us are allergic to crabs, hence none of the dishes with crab was ordered. Aik Khoon Restaurant is famous for their Hokkien Noodle, so we all had that. I especially love the noodle not being cooked with so much dark soy sauce and it is good because if too dark in colour, the paranoid me tend to be extra careful with what’s cooked in the noodle.


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Noodle may not be very filling, but there is Fried rice in the menu as well. We ordered one for 4 people. The fragrant from the fried rice was amazing. I can actually taste the heat of the wok in the rice.


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Then there is invigorating dish called Guinness Chicken Wing. Almost every table would have a plate of this dish. I supposed it’s also another attraction. It tasted really similar like honey coated chicken wing, except it is richly malted in flavor with Guinness stout so expect a little bitter sweet in the chicken.


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From bitter sweet to fiery hot in this unique dish with coconut soup. The Coconut Prawn somewhat has got some surprise element in it. Served in a whole coconut with the top being cut and removed, becoming a bowl like and filled with fresh prawns in simmering hot soup with colour so misleading to thinking it must have been super spicy. Fear not, as the piquant flavour is not one that burns your throat. In fact, it was zesty and appetizingly attractive.


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Apart from unique dishes, there are also simple ones like some stir fried vegetables. It still has its own distinctive style that might be rare to people not from around Ulu Yam. It probably uses some different stock.


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The only limitation is the drinks so I guess they are really just selling the dishes. Customers normally order Chinese tea, or the coconut juice. But then again, older Chinese restaurants don’t normally have bubble tea or fancy cocktails. Even if they do have it, I doubt it would be complementing the meal well.


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Note to speak a little Cantonese or Mandarin when communicating with the staff because otherwise ordering from the menu would be an issue as they are all imprinted in Chinese characters only. Also do try the Crab dishes as the crabs do look really fresh. I might return for them real soon.


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Also, the restaurant is not difficult to locate, as the name of the Restaurant is rather big and clearly displayed.


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Restaurant Aik Khoon is located at :
Lot 2 & 3, Seksyen 2,
Jalan Besar, Ulu Yam Bahru, 44300
Tel : +60 3 – 60752377


Everything seemed really cheap but unless you are from around the area then I wouldn’t recommend travelling all the way there. Although I haven’t actually seen coconut prawn anywhere else, so satisfying the curious need would be acceptable. The dish is priced at RM25 and Guinness chicken wing cost RM 12. Other dishes cost RM8-9 each so it was moderately an affordable meal. Not to mention some short road trip with few friends could be something enjoyable out of the ordinary routine.


Love, sycookies




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