If you believe that ordering food online should be fuss-free with no hassle, simple, yet healthy and delicious, not to mention easy, convenient and fun, then Foodpanda is the definite solution. Foodpanda.my is a fresh and new online food ordering website providing a convenient food ordering service for their customers. All you have to do is log on to the website, and search within your area to find out all the listed restaurants providing delivery services. Browse the menu and select the items you like to order and items would appear in your cart. Once you are done with it, proceed to check out and payment and continue with whatever it is that you are working on. In no time, your meal would be at your doorstep!




Foodpanda recently gathered a group of bloggers in Paper + Toast and briefly presented a few of their partnering restaurants to us. Paper + Toast is a working space with a on-site café. They provide the working space at different rates depending on your needs. Also basic amenities in offices are also available at various charges upon usages. Not to mention the services provided to those in need to plug their virtual offices to real spaces. Visit http://www.paperandtoast.com/ to see what they offer.


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While having all the comfy, let’s not forget the snacks and beverages they have on the site.




We tried the new item available in July only, called the Sloppy Joe. In contrary to the name, it was never done in a sloppy way. Selling at RM 23.40, it is a healthy and filling sandwich with toasted corn bread filled generously with Australian minced beef with black pepper sauce. I know how we all stereotyped black pepper flavours. Love it or hate it, this one has got no reason for you to pass. Served with healthy tapioca chips, this becomes a great meal.



Also on the menu is the Cajun spiced chicken with avocado and roasted tomato at RM 18. Uptown is great for those unfavorable to beef for whatever reason. Many dislike sandwich because of the impression that it’s always too dry. Not for this as the avocado moisten the texture of each bite. It is perfect as a great energy source at work.




As for those with a sweet tooth, the French Toast with a Twist really did brilliantly have me twisted with thick cubes of French toast served with pear compote.




Next we have some amazing Puzzini Sweedish Pizza with prices ranged from RM19-RM29.80. Who said that the Sweedish only serves meatballs? Pizzas are awesome as well. To think we had Karl Gustav Pizza (Reg-RM21.80/Lge-RM27.80), Sweden’s favourite pizza with beef kebab , lots of cheese, fresh tomatoes, onions, black olives and topped with a kebab sauce, as well as Pizza Haga (Reg-RM23.50/Lge-RM29.80), which is something for the meat lovers, makes me drool writing about it. There is Beef pepperoni, streaky beef, roasted chicken chunks, roast beef with fresh paprika and haga sauce (a creamy lemony sauce). Not to leave the Mamma Mia out, they are selling at RM19 (reg) /RM25 (large).




Other than Sweedish pizza, Canadian Pizza manage to join in the party with their new Chicken Mexica Fiesta and Chicken Canadian Supreme. The Mexican Fiesta has lots of spiced ground chicken, onions, red chilies, capsicum, jalapenos on a spicy salsa sauce. Most importantly, a must on pizzas would be cheese. I love this very much!




How about those interested with something quicker and simpler? Simply Sandwiches provides the solution to hassle free meal. Comes with the perfect bite size of three flavours- BBQ Chicken Sandwich (RM8), Tuna (RM7.50), and Egg (RM6).



For those interested to order these for later, here is the direct link to foodpanda:


Paper+Toast: http://www.foodpanda.my/food_delivery_Paper::Toast::Kitchen_BUKIT:BINTANG_m8zx.htm
Puzzini Swedish Pizza : http://www.foodpanda.my/food_delivery_Puzzini:Swedish:Pizza_Malaysia_m3rs.htm
Canadian Pizza: http://www.foodpanda.my/food_delivery_CANADIAN:PIZZA:(JALAN:PUTRA)_JALAN:MUNSHI:ABDULLAH_m7pv.htm
Simply Sandwiches: http://www.foodpanda.my/food_delivery_Simply:Sandwiches_Malaysia_m9he.htm


And for those preparing or planning on gifts for the coming Raya, paper and toast has got some interesting snacks perfect for the upcoming festive.


raya cookie


Foodpanda is reachable at :
Address : A5-1, Level 5, Block A,
Southgate Commercial Centre,
No.2, Jalan Dua Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin,
55200 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : +603 2772 7268


Lastly, thank everyone making the event a pleasurable one. Now we can enjoy more variety of delivery services at ease with few clicks online. Discover great food every day with Foodpanda and remember, great food can come from anywhere.


Till we meet again soon, you know you can rely on Foodpanda for your meals.
Love, Sycookies



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