During the recent movie premier of The Amazing Spiderman in One Utama, I came across this new item from my favourite juice bar. I was really excited with the movie and true enough; it was indeed a movie worth watching. I enjoy every bit of the movie. Gwen is amazingly adorable.




While attending the premier I manage to venture for Foodeverywhere and of course, I didn’t have anything too heavy for snacks as the movie starts late in the evening. Since I already had curry rice for dinner, I decided to have some healthy drinks. And what’s better than JUICE WORKS?




I tried their new item with corn in it. Ice blended with corn, vanilla ice cream, and soy milk, every sip is amazingly freshly sweet with amazing corn fragrant. Corn lovers would love this very much. Don’t expect anything sweet or even close to tangy sweet because of the whole vanilla ice cream and corn can really surprise the palates of even the most finicky eaters. It truly is a blissful combination.Click here for more photos and updates on Foodeverywhere’s facebook page or follow me on twitter @sycookies . See their Facebook page for more updates and promotions.


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2 Replies to “Cornilicious @ JUICE Works

  1. buildingmybento

    On my most recent voyage to SE Asia, I noticed a few corn-juice related items, more than usual (which is to say, nearly zero). Though, Japan’s vending machines seem to relish stocking plenty of corn potage…and mainland China has the corn ice cream market cornered. Any of this popping up in Malaysia too?

    • sycookies

      Corn ice cream is pretty common in Malaysia too. I remember eating them since I was really young. manufacturers here made them in all shapes and sizes. As for corn potage, we have them in packets of instant soup whereby you just add hot water to it. Vending machines aren’t a trend here in Malaysia. Unlike Japan, the best we get here is some snacks and chocolates. That itself isn’t that popular too.

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